Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Missed Me?

*Blows cobwebs off the screen*

Well I think it's safe to say once again, that it's been a pretty long time since I wrote. With every things that has been going on this year, I'm afraid this blog has sort of fallen  into the sidelines. I still love you all though. I also love someone else.

I'm still happily loved up. For the purpose of this let's call him 'D'. Tomorrow is our 6 month anniversary and things couldn't be better. We've had our arguments of course but so far we move past them.

I met D on a dating site of course, how else would I do it? I met him at his house to watch movies and we were both very shy. We were both very shy for the next 5 dates before I finally kissed him. I was very unsure how I felt towards him at first, even breaking into tears during a make out session. But he grew on me and apparently I grew on him too.

We've talked about moving in together and after looking at places for a few weeks we've decided that the best thing is to wait for his flatmate to move out next year. There's plenty of room at his place for me to move in right now, but there's no rush. Another factor in the 'no rush' decision is that I don't think I could live with the guilt if one of my cats killed one of the flatmates birds!

In contrast to my personal life, work is rather hellish. The library job is chugging along no worries but the craft shop is horrid. The worst thing is that I love what I do, I'm good at it. The boss just makes it so difficult.

Myself and several others had a two hour long meeting with the Regional Manager yesterday, giving her all personal accounts of negative experiences whilst working there. We told her we were afraid of repercussions with the boss, she swore that nothing bad could happen.;

This morning I'm called into the bosses office. For gossiping. Woman number one told myself and woman number two that due to her team now having to work night fill she had no choice but to leave. In woman number 2's presence I told woman number 3. In less then half an hour I was called into the office. Woman number 2 had snitched. No one was called into the office when people started gossiping about one womans miscarriage. Despite the fact that I'm calling it 'gossip', I don't think it was. I told one person in a confidential manner. I hadn't been told it was secret and if it was I honestly don't believe I would have been told.

I held myself together during the meeting but as soon as I left the tears began to fall. In contrast to my previous teary experiences, I couldn't pull myself together and I also wasn't going to spend the afternoon working in close company with a snitch who had just caused me trouble with I told the boss I was going home. I'm not looking forward to work tomorrow. Wish me luck.

I'll try to write more often but I can't promise anything. So many things I enjoy I just can't be bothered doing lately. Most of the time I'm just happily existing these days.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Optimisms Dividend

I know I haven't wrote for quite sometime and I apologies. Did you miss me? Today I'm keeping it short and sweet. Those who follow my tweets will already know my good news. Are you Ready for it? I have a boyfriend and I couldn't be happier.

I'm not giving up the blog though, I'm just waiting for that writing mood to strike. Catch you again soon awesome folks.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Approximately one year ago, I wrote about several events. Several events that still remain important to me, both for the good memories and the bad. On Friday the 13th, 2012, I lost a job I loved. That same day I welcomed a special friend of mine for the last time, saying my goodbyes the following day. I don't think I'll forget either of those days.

As they happened I remembered both these things. I remembered with fondness and sadness my job at the party supply shop. I loved that job. I made some wonderful friends and wore some ridiculous costumes. I watched my assistant manager skateboard around the shop. I remembered playing practical jokes, barricading staff inside the tearoom with boxes, glitter fights when the christmas decorations came in. I don't believe I'll ever have a job quite like it again.

I also remembered GC (Mr Good-Company), I still miss him sometimes. I remembered my first kiss with him, my first kiss ever actually. I almost gagged when he put his tongue in my mouth. I soon became accustomed to the sensation though. I thought about how nice it was to share a bed with, I discovered that it was nice to just sleep with someone. I thought about oral, how nervous and scared I was when I first sucked him. I definitely thought about the first time he gave me oral. The softness of his tongue running up and down my pussy, his teeth nipping the inside of my thighs. GC remains the only guy I've been with who's been willing to go down on me. It's now been one year since I had oral. 

I have a new job now, it will never compare to my old job though. The people make sure of that. But I go to work, do the best I can and hope that one day I can recreate that first job with my own business. I also have a new 'fun' friend, The Shy Guy. So far it's going well. Though just like GC, The Shy Guy also thinks I talk too much. It's still in the early stages of friendship, we know each other well intellectually but are still learning what to do with each others body.

Despite my negativity on New Years Eve, I am hoping this year will be better then the last. I still have the amazing friends as I did last year but I also have new friends and new goals. I'm always the optimist in the end.

'I am, and always will be, the optimist, the hoper of far-flung hopes, and the dreamer of improbable dreams.' The Eleventh Doctor.

Monday, 31 December 2012

Twenty Twelve Farewelled

As I write this there is only 40 minutes left of 2012. It hasn't been a bad year but it certainly hasn't been fantastic either.

Within in the first fortnight and on the same day, the best job in the world was taken from me and I farewelled GC. I didn't love GC, but my job... My job was my world and I would trade my current two jobs for it and more in an instant.

I have once again experienced workplace bullying, this time in the form of the boss and a large company that just doesn't care. As with anything as large as who I work for management are bastards and HR are heartless bastards especially when the problem is what I'm dealing with. It's all about money.

Right now I will admit that I'm in a pretty miserable state. I've had a cold for the last week though I have come mostly fine today, yet I have still spent New Years Eve at home alone. All my friends have little families and they are of course doing things with other little families. I know I wouldn't have been turned away if I asked to tag along but being the only single one amongst several families with little children is a rather depressing thing.

As such I am sitting at home on facebook watching my old school friends post photos of alcohol fueled celebrations, watching my coupled up and reproducing friends posting happy snapshots of the evening at carnivals and family fireworks. All while I'm sitting at home with the cat and feeling incredibly left out of everything.

I may be only 23 but I have already reached the age where I feel the need to reproduce. I have always wanted children and after my own turbulent childhood I have always wanted my own family. Sadly I am still sitting at home alone with my cat.

I hope 2013 is better for me. There is so much I want to do and so far this year I have only taken steps backwards.

Happy new year peeps.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Knock Knock

Anyone who caught a glimpse of my twitter feed on Monday night (03/12/12) would have noticed that I was feeling a little mopey. I'm a social person and I was feeling very lonely after having had the day off. One of my workplaces is also causing me a lot of stress money wise. Being over stressed is actually almost becoming the standard there.

Instead of giving myself and another woman extra hours to cover a third woman who is resigning the boss instead hired someone new. There is also talk of re writing all the rosters so that instead of working for example, three full days a week staff would now work six half days. They also apparently want to roster more junior staff on over weekends since us older staff earn more due to penalty rates when we are rostered on over weekends.

I earn approximately $800 a fortnight. Without my penalty rates I could lose anywhere between $100 and $200 a fortnight. That would mean I'd be in very big trouble money wise. I already work two jobs! As for reducing full days to half days that would just make working in my other job very difficult. As it stands I often do full days at both jobs. Spreading one job across most days means I would probably have to miss out on a lot of hours at my library job. Not happy.

But anyway, there I was sitting at home moping. Grumpy that The Shy Guy wasn't around to talk too, grumpy that no one else was around to talk and really upset having just found out the news about work. So there I was, sitting on the couch in dirty paint covered trackies, a stained t shirt with no bra on and with the wrappings from my frozen dinner on the floor beside me when I thought I heard a knock at the door. I listened closely just to be sure. Yes, it was definitely a knock.

I opened the door cautiously so that no one could see what I was wearing. Usually I wouldn't have cared so much but I was pretty sure I knew who it was. I was right, it was The Shy Guy. I think I felt all the blood drain from my face and I told him to wait. I shut the door on the poor guy and quickly went to put some decent clothes on. I was so glad I'd showered earlier, it was just a shame I hadn't shaved my legs!

I let him in and we chilled on the couch for a little while before he kissed me. We actually stayed on the couch for quite sometime. I'm trying to learn how to be a gentle kisser and I find that as soon as I'm in bed I lose a lot of my abilities for gentle.

With his pants unzipped and my shirt off we eventually went to bed. We lay side by side as he fingered me and I stroked his cock through his shorts. I was close to cumming just from his finger work but I was having a little problem. I had spent a very good amount of time testing out one of my new vibrators the night before so my clit was still very sensitive. Just as I was nearing the WOW moment it all became to much and I pulled his hand away. I will admit the poor bloke had a rather confused look on his face but I think I explained myself later.

After blowing him for a little we went back to lying side by side, his cock nestled between my legs. With it so close to me I couldn't help but rub it against my clit. By golly it felt nice.

In the end I just couldn't resist it any longer and reached for the condoms, briefly sucking him before I slid it on I asked him to fuck me. This is something The Shy Guy isn't very confident with but I'm hoping my orgasms from it will be enough to eventually make him aware of his skill. Damn he's good. I love the feeling of him in so deep, just about hitting the back of me. I've never really experienced that before. Did I mention he's big?

After I came we rolled over so that I was on top. I fucked him like this for several orgasms before asking him how he wanted to cum. Blow job it was. So I made sure I had my little towel ready and went to work. Teasing his knob, licking his shaft and sucking on his balls before taking him all in.

Part way through this The Shy Guy changed his mind. He wanted to come on my breasts. So we positioned ourselves with him kneeling over me and myself lying back in bed to watch how he handled himself. I like watching. Watching him as he came closer he angled his penis down toward me more and shut his eyes. The first spurt mostly missed me, shooting over the mark. The next several hit their targets with ease and I wish now that I'd reached out to taste him as he came. I stand by what I've said before, this man produces a lot of cum.

We cuddled in bed after with The Shy Guy mopping up some cum from my shoulder that I had missed in my clean up. We stayed that way for awhile, just kissing before unfortunately The Shy Guy had to leave. Though unexpected it was a nice way to spend a Monday evening.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Sexpo 2012

Sexpo was amazing! Going last year was a massive eye opener but my experience this year was definitely more enjoyable. I've decided to put this down to the fact that I wasn't stressing about GC and 'after' Sexpo and I also think I had a lot more confidence in myself this yea and we all know how good that can make a person feel about things.

This year I attended Sexpo with a friend from work. We were supposed to catch the 6.35am train/bus to Melbourne. Unfortunately, Flapper set her alarm for 5.30pm so as you can surely guess, we missed the train. After racing to catch it at the next stop we ended up road tripping to Geelong eventually arriving at the exhibition centre (Sexpo) at around 11.30am. It was worth the effort though.

Flapper and I headed straight to the bargain table before deciding to do laps of every aisle before making any purchases. I paid so much more attention to everything I was seeing this year and I still can hardly believe how much was actually there. 

Flapper is more into the leather and floggers then I am so we were keeping a special eye out on those types of items for her. Every now and then she'd hand me a toy and ask her to hit her bum with it just so she could see how hard it was. I can't say I've ever done that before! 

When we reached the back of the exhibition room we headed to the peep show. The peep show I remember seeing last year can be described as a mature woman (late thirties) fondling her breasts and pussy while lying across a couch. This year it was a much younger woman. She was licking her fingers and pumping them in herself vigorously  She would spit on her breasts and rub it in as well as lick the windows of the peep show booth. It was certainly interesting to watch.

Then finally it was shopping time! I didn't have as much spending money with me this year so I was more focused on quality purchases then buying everything that looked cool. Though sadly when I cam e to the end of my funds I was left making a very hard decision between two toys I had wanted for quite some time. In the end I chose the cheaper of the two though it was simply agonising to leave without the other.
Palmpower massager and sensual attachments, D1 Silicon dildo and Desire 'Missile Prime' bullet.
 So far I have only had the chance to test out one of my purchases, the Palm power massager and I am simply loving it. For quite awhile now I have been wanting a mains powered device after hearing so much about the Hitachi and the like. I purchased it from the D-Vice stall and though I later found it online at a cheaper price I am loving it.

I had a very quick test run of it before work yesterday before warming things up for a good go last night. Wow. it was certainly very powerful. Every now and then I would turn it up as far as I could handle before pausing and finding a more comfortable vibration speed. The thing (with the G spot attachment) actually had me writhing on the couch. 'Wow' really is the best word for it.

I of course had to buy a few fun things as well. I mean really, who can resist a chocolate penis? Unfortunately it wasn't really the best taste chocolate. But hey, it's chocolate so I'm certainly not going to complain!

Flapper and I also bought an assortment of wooden penis key rings in varying shades. These were to go to my little brother, Flapper sister in law and a small group of work girls who we would have loved to take with us but they had other commitments.

Another highlight of the trip took place on the main stage. I was wowed by the pole dancers last year and this year it was the burlesque dancers that took my breath away. The star performer was a woman by the name of Cassandra Jane.  She and her cohorts did an amazing job and oozed old time glamour. I also loved the fact that though the girls were thin, they weren't stick figures. One in particular had a wonderful amount of wobble to her bottom.

Considering it was only a last minute trip, only finding out that Flapper wanted to come with me ( I wouldn't have gone alone) with less then a week to the day was just plain good fortune. Sexpo was a much more entertaining event then attending the staff party. I really can't rave on about how much I enjoyed it!

On a finishing note I want to thank my friend Snickety for providing me with tickets. Without his wonderful connection with MJ's Toybox I wouldn't have been able to attend.On the subject of MJ's, Flapper really liked your products. I just love the teddy bears!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Keeping It Down

Well needless to say I was a little bit stressed when I last wrote. I was worried that I had lost a friend all for the sake of sex. Things weren't going great at work (and still aren't) but overall I'm in a better frame right now.

I have seen The Shy Guy twice since I last wrote and I have probably spoke to him on Facebook too much for my own good. The sex is great and neither of us have any problems with that but apparently I am coming off as 'full on' due to my eagerness to talk to him. But how did I find this out? By talking to him of course, so on that front I guess it's a bit of a catch twenty two. Because of this I'm really just trying to chill and take it easy. I'm making a very conscious effort not to start a conversation every night and just leave him alone. I don't whether we'll end up as anything more than friends with benefits but he wasn't definitely more pleasant to talk to after a few days break.

On the subject with no problems with sex, On Saturday night (25/11/12) I gave the first blow job I have given to completion since I lost my virginity. This was something I was very nervous about at the time. It was obviously a long time since I had swallowed and in previous play sessions with The Shy Guy I had taken note of the amount of cum he produced. It seemed a lot. Would I be able to give a clean blow job or would I make a mess? I don't like messy blow jobs.

After the failed attempt of our previous session (I became too nervous and reverted to jerking him off) thing were going better this time. The Shy Guy promised to tell me when he was close and I made sure I had a towel on hand in case I couldn't stomach the taste and/or the amount. I went for it.

He did cum a lot and I did gag a little. I swallowed as much as I could before utilising the towel as the last of The Shy Guy's cum landed on his stomach. 

I don't tend to gag often, so this was new for me. I suspect that it was a combination of the amount of cum and the taste that caused the reflex to occur. It had a pool water/chlorine sort of taste to it that I've never come across before but it was mostly tolerable until I just couldn't swallow fast enough. Thankfully The Shy Guy was enjoying it all too much to care if I could take it all.

I'm looking forward to trying it again. I like a challenge and The Shy Guy is certainly one of those.

Next post: Sexpo 2012!