Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Missed Me?

*Blows cobwebs off the screen*

Well I think it's safe to say once again, that it's been a pretty long time since I wrote. With every things that has been going on this year, I'm afraid this blog has sort of fallen  into the sidelines. I still love you all though. I also love someone else.

I'm still happily loved up. For the purpose of this let's call him 'D'. Tomorrow is our 6 month anniversary and things couldn't be better. We've had our arguments of course but so far we move past them.

I met D on a dating site of course, how else would I do it? I met him at his house to watch movies and we were both very shy. We were both very shy for the next 5 dates before I finally kissed him. I was very unsure how I felt towards him at first, even breaking into tears during a make out session. But he grew on me and apparently I grew on him too.

We've talked about moving in together and after looking at places for a few weeks we've decided that the best thing is to wait for his flatmate to move out next year. There's plenty of room at his place for me to move in right now, but there's no rush. Another factor in the 'no rush' decision is that I don't think I could live with the guilt if one of my cats killed one of the flatmates birds!

In contrast to my personal life, work is rather hellish. The library job is chugging along no worries but the craft shop is horrid. The worst thing is that I love what I do, I'm good at it. The boss just makes it so difficult.

Myself and several others had a two hour long meeting with the Regional Manager yesterday, giving her all personal accounts of negative experiences whilst working there. We told her we were afraid of repercussions with the boss, she swore that nothing bad could happen.;

This morning I'm called into the bosses office. For gossiping. Woman number one told myself and woman number two that due to her team now having to work night fill she had no choice but to leave. In woman number 2's presence I told woman number 3. In less then half an hour I was called into the office. Woman number 2 had snitched. No one was called into the office when people started gossiping about one womans miscarriage. Despite the fact that I'm calling it 'gossip', I don't think it was. I told one person in a confidential manner. I hadn't been told it was secret and if it was I honestly don't believe I would have been told.

I held myself together during the meeting but as soon as I left the tears began to fall. In contrast to my previous teary experiences, I couldn't pull myself together and I also wasn't going to spend the afternoon working in close company with a snitch who had just caused me trouble with I told the boss I was going home. I'm not looking forward to work tomorrow. Wish me luck.

I'll try to write more often but I can't promise anything. So many things I enjoy I just can't be bothered doing lately. Most of the time I'm just happily existing these days.