Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Unlocking the Back Door

Clover clamps: Pull string to tighten.
In several days time I will be having a play date with Mr Good-Company. To say that I'm excited would be quite the understatement. Whilst I'm not bouncing of the walls as I was with Sexpo, I'm pretty close.

This time we will just be at my place. I had to buy a new bed for the occasion and my single bed just wasn't going to cut it. I'm still figuring out me new bed. Which side do I feel better sleeping on? What do I do with all the extra space? Though the extra space does have some benefit, I no longer accidentally kick the cat out of bed in the night.

I've taken some time to try and prepare a few things for this session. Last time we attempted anal it didn't go so well. Mr Good-Company had a lot of difficulty penetrating me and when he did it hurt a lot in a bad way. This time I wanted to be more prepared. As I've mentioned, I don't like being beaten but at the same time I can also respect my bodies limits. If I can't do anal then I can live with that but I wanted to have one last try.

I ordered a set of butt plugs to help me with this final attempt. They progress in size from small to large, the idea being to work your way up to the larger size.

I had no problems inserting the first plug though it felt so unbearably odd that I was only able to wear it for about five minutes, if that. I had to more tries with that plug, lasting first 10 minutes and then 20 minutes. 

I'd had no trouble at all with this plug so I decided to move forward to the second. To my surprise, I had no trouble inserting thins one either. When I had it inside of me I could feel that it was larger than the first but still no more difficult to wear. The first time I wore it I was able to last 40minutes, though I did need distractions to help me stop stressing over it. The second time I wore it I had less luck, lasting only 5 minutes. I assume this was because my sister was at home and as such I wasn't comfortable to enough to relax properly. Hopefully I'll have better luck next time.

I have both read and had people tell me that wearing a plug simply makes you feel 'full'. I don't believe that what it feels like is quite like that, not to me anyway. To insert the plug I curled myself up with my legs toward my chest, that is what felt most comfortable. In this position I can hardly feel the plug at all, a good thing as far as I'm concerned. But when I straighten myself out and stand, the feeling of the plug changes entirely. It feels as if I need to go to the toilet, but contradictory to how this would normaly feel, my muscles aren'tclenched shut, trying to hold things in. I believe this is where the 'odd' feeling I experience comes from. My body knows what it should be feeling but my head telling it something slightly different to the norm

I haven't progressed to the third and largest size yet. I'm not sure that I intend to. Hopefully the middle size should have helped me enough to make anal pain free though I'm still not expecting to receive any pleasure from the act.

I also bought something a bit more out of the ordinary, something nothing like anything currently in my toy box. Since I enjoy having my nipples bitten and teased, I wondered what else I might enjoy in regards to nipple play. As such, I bought myself some clover clamps. 

They arrived along with a few other things yesterday whilst I was work. My sister rang me asking if she could open the package (her having no idea what it contained. I of course denied her the pleasure of playing snoop. Later that eveing I escaped her watchful eye and opened up the package. Inside was some rope, some toy cleaner a couple of 'free gifts' and the clamps. 

I eagerly took my shirt and bra off, keen to see what they felt like... HOLY MOTHER F@#KER! 

To say that the clamps to what they say they do is an understatement. I tried to leave them on for more than a couple of seconds and I could feel the urge to swear rapidly building and the tears welling in my eyes. Those things hurt! I think I can safely say that I have no interest in that level of pain. I would nearly swear that my nipples were going to fall off and I didn't even begin to tighten the clamps. I think my preferred type of nipple pain will continue to be that of someone's teeth and fingers, gently tightening around my flesh. Much more enjoyable than the clasp of steel.

Even though anal isn't my favourite thing to do, I am still immensely excited about this coming play session. Mr Good-Company and I plan on tying each other up, perhaps  putting to use some of the instructions in a Shibari book I recently bought. Most important of all we're going to test out out my new bed. I know it's good for sleeping in, but is is good for other things too?

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  1. Big mistake with the clover clamps sweets! -laughs- They're more for advanced nipple players considering how much bite they have. If you're still interested in nipple play later on, try some nipple suckers first, and then a clamp that is more adjustable, such as a tweezer-style that has rubber on the clamps.

    Good luck on your anal play training! :)