Tuesday, 17 January 2012


I recently wrote about a coming play date with Mr Good-Company and I know there are a few of you waiting for details. I promise, they are coming. Unfortunately Just two hours before Mr Good-Company arrived at my place I had a phone call from my boss. She had just found out from Head Office that our shop is to be shut down. All of us, including her, will be out of work in less than two weeks. To put it simply, I'm devastated.

Due to this I haven't really been in the mood for documenting the fun going ons of my recent play date. Not only am I still quite upset about the loss of my job, but I am also busy looking for a new one. I have been spending my most of spare time on this. Writing resumes, printing them and walking the streets looking for businesses I can hand them into.

All of us at the shop were a fantastic team. We really worked together so well it was amazing. I'm going to miss everybody a lot, though some I know I'll keep in contact with. I don't honestly think I will ever have a job I enjoyed as much as I did this one. 

Please be patient while I see this hurdle through. I'll do my best to have my play date blogged within the week. In the meantime, I can't help but secretly hope that Head Office will change their mind regarding our closure (not going to happen). I would give up so much in my life, if only I could have my job back. I love it so much. I will miss it even more.

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  1. hi Jess really sorry to hear your bad news after what was going to be a good week :( hope you find something else soon. big hugs. this girl x