Thursday, 23 August 2012

Fill in the Blanks

Needless to say i haven't been around for a little while. I know it sound silly but I was actually wondering for a while if this blog was jinxed. So, to test me theory I decided not to write about the guys I've been seeing. Sadly it doesn't seem to e the blog that's jinxed, I think it's actually me.

I've met some nice guys over the last few months, been left entirely befuddled by one and the second didn't go far despite the promising long phone calls and endless texting. Further backing up my theory of 'jinxed' is the fact that both of these guys ended up with girls within a fortnight of saying they couldn't see me any more.

I have been working as much as possible during these times, trying to establish some savings so that I can one day open my own business. Savings account balance: Approximately zero. Needless to say I need either a full time job, more hours at both my jobs or to win the lottery. Lottery would be preferable.

I have two posts planned too update you on my dating activities. I'm just flying by at the moment just to let you know that I'm still around. So hello, here I am and I promise that I'll be back later!

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