Thursday, 5 July 2012

There were Four in the Bed and the Little one said...

Well I finally have something entertaining to write about

Last Saturday (The 30th of June), despite feeling a little tired and over it My friend Princess and I left her partner and child at home and went to the gym. We quickly became bored and decided to abandon out fitness efforts and went for a drive around town instead.

As we drove past one of the local pubs/clubs Princess saw a poster advertising the appearance of Timomatic (participant in perhaps Australia's got Talent). Now apparently this guy is someone Princess was hanging out to see since he was in town to headline at the local childrens festival though she was unaware he would also be performing at Eden on this same night.

She quickly rang her partner, received the go ahead for a girls night and set about rounding up another friend to come with us. Princess and I split so as to dress up our respective persons. Meeting at her we headed to Sam's house. After pre-drinks there we scammed a lift into town with the drinking buddy of Sam's husband, convincing drinking buddy to come out with us as the taxi delivered us into town.

Arriving at Eden we were surprised we didn't need tickets. I had my first ever jager bomb, we all drank, danced and were squished in a crowd when Timomatic came on stage. After his performance we went back to drinks at the bar at which time Princess and Sam began their usual game of pulling poor random guys from the crown and convincing these guys to kiss me as it was apparently my birthday.

After a few failed attempts one guy gave me a quick peck on the lips. As he hung around Princess tried to convince me to go for it. Eventually I did. I think the guy was surprised. He actually said that he wasn't expecting me to kiss back like that. As I kissed him I heard the 'WHOO HOO's' of my friends. I know I thought about giving them the finger, I can't remember if I did or not though.

This guy, Craig and I soon parted and just stood there awkwardly trying to talk for a little while before we both wandered apart. But I kept watching him. I couldn't believe that I had just kissed a random guy like that. I must have been drunker then I realised.

As three in the morning rolled around (closing time) I visited the loo and my friends and I prepared to leave. As we headed to the door I saw Craig talking to another guy. Breaking away from my friends I went over and tapped him on the shoulder, asking 'Would you like to come home with me?'

After looking at me in a dazed manner for a few moments he answered with 'Sure'.

As we reached Princess standing at the door she asked me if I was sure, confirming that I was indeed 'sure', Craig an I headed of in the direction of my place. As we walked he warned me that he had an injury to his back and that he was on a lot of painkillers so he both may not be able to move around a lot and he may have some problems keeping things as hard as they needed to be. Neither thing was an issue with me. I like to be on top and in my drunken state I had no doubt that I would be able to make him hard.

When we finally reached my bedroom clothes were removed and we began to make out. Of course I was nervous. I hadn't had sex in nearly 6 months, I had a complete stranger in my room and I had to be at work in just 8 hours.

Craig soon began to finger me, rubbing my arse and asking if I was into that. I wasn't, but since it was obviously something he was into I was cool with letting him rub the entrance to aforementioned arse as he fingered me.

As I began to touch Craig he became the first guy to have me touch his cock whilst it was soft. That soon began to change as he continued to finger me, suck my nipples and then upon my request, bite them.

Commenting on how wet I was, Craig asked if I wanted his cock. I nodded and reached for the box of condoms in my bedside cabinet. Of course the damn box was empty! Even now I can't figure out where the things have gone. I only blew one up as a balloon...

Thankfully I am the the sort to be prepared and I pulled another (full) box out of my underwear drawer. As I began to roll the condom onto his cock, I began to encounter one of the problems Craig had warned me about. As I played with his cock, kissed him and rubbed his balls, Craig once again became hard and I began to ride him.

As I came, we both heard voices but as common sense says to, we just assumed it was my neighbours. As we switched positions for Craig to do me doggy style the voices, now accompanied by banging, became clearer.


'JESS! Let us in!'

JESS! Helllllo?'

It was Princess and Sam. I thought they had gone home. I quickly put on a dressing gown and opened the door, planning on telling them to go away. I'm going to point out that as it was below 5 degrees Celsius so I couldn't leave them there. As I spoke to them it turned out my neighbours were being creepy (very drunk 50 year old guy and girl inviting them in). So I let the poor girls and went back to the bedroom, closing the door behind me.

As Craig and I once again began to fool around we could hear the slight creaking sound that tends to signal someone is trying to discreetly listen at the door. Craig and I looked at each other, myself planning on ignoring it but he had other ideas. Jumping out of bed naked and with a pretty decent erection Craig quietly walked over to the door and flung it open.

Sam screamed as she both fell into the room and her hand grazed Craig's cock. I cracked up laughing. She cracked up laughing. Craig cracked up laughing. Poor Princess who was in the bathroom started yelling for us to tell her what was happening.

In the next few minutes Princess and Sam ended up sitting on the end of my bed huddled in a blanket whilst Craig and I sat in bed under the blankets.

As we sat there I couldn't help but rub Craig's dick. I stopped when Sam realised what I was doing and asked me to stop. After some of the benign, random conversation that only occurs between drunk people, Princess and Sam decided they wanted to see Craig's penis. He showed them.

Then things escalated. He started touching himself, continuously commenting how this fucked up scenario was really turning him on. The girls asked me to touch him. While at first I refused I somehow ended up doing exactly that ( I was very drunk). The girls wanted to film myself and Craig having sex. Thankfully they soon forgot this idea, just continuing to stare at his cock whilst questioning where he was from.

Craig was 24 years old and from a town several hours away. He travelled a lot for work and was currently staying in town with some friends or brother. These friends or brother were currently trying to ring him. As you would have to do, Princess and Sam answered the phone and began to moan in ecstasy.

After this Princess and Sam went to call a taxi, leaving me and Craig to it. Some how it ended up with him flashing them again (something of an exhibitionist I think). But when Craig came back to be he all of a sudden came down with quite the set of shivers. Excusing himself several minutes later to go to the bathroom. Deciding that part of the night was probably over I went to help Princess and Sam secure a taxi.

When Craig headed back to the bedroom I followed and he apologised for the fact that he was going to have to leave. He was feeling really sick and his friends were locked out of the hotel room because he had the key. I was actually fine with that. I'd rather have the poor guy leave then throw up. I gave him my number and he hugged me. We just stood like that for several minutes Craig commenting that he didn't want to leave as i was so nice and warm. It was actually really nice.

So that was the end of my first one night stand, the first time I had really enjoyed myself whist going out and the first time I ever had an audience in the bedroom. When I gave gave Craig my number I didn't expect to hear from him and I haven't. It just felt like the right thing to do.

Overall I'm feeling quite proud of myself. I asked a guy to come home with me. I weigh 140kgs and he said yes. Even taking into account 'beer goggles' I obviously can't look as bad as I think at times. Apparently we're going out again this weekend. For some reason I feel the need to prove that my one night stand wasn't a fluke. I wonder if I can pull this off twice?

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