Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Approximately one year ago, I wrote about several events. Several events that still remain important to me, both for the good memories and the bad. On Friday the 13th, 2012, I lost a job I loved. That same day I welcomed a special friend of mine for the last time, saying my goodbyes the following day. I don't think I'll forget either of those days.

As they happened I remembered both these things. I remembered with fondness and sadness my job at the party supply shop. I loved that job. I made some wonderful friends and wore some ridiculous costumes. I watched my assistant manager skateboard around the shop. I remembered playing practical jokes, barricading staff inside the tearoom with boxes, glitter fights when the christmas decorations came in. I don't believe I'll ever have a job quite like it again.

I also remembered GC (Mr Good-Company), I still miss him sometimes. I remembered my first kiss with him, my first kiss ever actually. I almost gagged when he put his tongue in my mouth. I soon became accustomed to the sensation though. I thought about how nice it was to share a bed with, I discovered that it was nice to just sleep with someone. I thought about oral, how nervous and scared I was when I first sucked him. I definitely thought about the first time he gave me oral. The softness of his tongue running up and down my pussy, his teeth nipping the inside of my thighs. GC remains the only guy I've been with who's been willing to go down on me. It's now been one year since I had oral. 

I have a new job now, it will never compare to my old job though. The people make sure of that. But I go to work, do the best I can and hope that one day I can recreate that first job with my own business. I also have a new 'fun' friend, The Shy Guy. So far it's going well. Though just like GC, The Shy Guy also thinks I talk too much. It's still in the early stages of friendship, we know each other well intellectually but are still learning what to do with each others body.

Despite my negativity on New Years Eve, I am hoping this year will be better then the last. I still have the amazing friends as I did last year but I also have new friends and new goals. I'm always the optimist in the end.

'I am, and always will be, the optimist, the hoper of far-flung hopes, and the dreamer of improbable dreams.' The Eleventh Doctor.

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