Monday, 31 December 2012

Twenty Twelve Farewelled

As I write this there is only 40 minutes left of 2012. It hasn't been a bad year but it certainly hasn't been fantastic either.

Within in the first fortnight and on the same day, the best job in the world was taken from me and I farewelled GC. I didn't love GC, but my job... My job was my world and I would trade my current two jobs for it and more in an instant.

I have once again experienced workplace bullying, this time in the form of the boss and a large company that just doesn't care. As with anything as large as who I work for management are bastards and HR are heartless bastards especially when the problem is what I'm dealing with. It's all about money.

Right now I will admit that I'm in a pretty miserable state. I've had a cold for the last week though I have come mostly fine today, yet I have still spent New Years Eve at home alone. All my friends have little families and they are of course doing things with other little families. I know I wouldn't have been turned away if I asked to tag along but being the only single one amongst several families with little children is a rather depressing thing.

As such I am sitting at home on facebook watching my old school friends post photos of alcohol fueled celebrations, watching my coupled up and reproducing friends posting happy snapshots of the evening at carnivals and family fireworks. All while I'm sitting at home with the cat and feeling incredibly left out of everything.

I may be only 23 but I have already reached the age where I feel the need to reproduce. I have always wanted children and after my own turbulent childhood I have always wanted my own family. Sadly I am still sitting at home alone with my cat.

I hope 2013 is better for me. There is so much I want to do and so far this year I have only taken steps backwards.

Happy new year peeps.

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