Sunday, 17 April 2011

I cnat think of a wittty titel

I want tto have SEXXX!!!!!! its not fukinn fair! What di i do to deserv 2 b 21 year old vigin?? Why do es know one car about me enuf to want me?? I alwasys thiourt i d give it up 2 the first gi whio wanted it. Y am ibein so fucin prissy bout it? mr GCC gets to have sexd. y cant i jus go out there and meet peple?

i wondr wat fucked mt hed up an mad me rhe way ii am? do I  JAVE SOME HIGER LEVLE THEN NORMAL oif aiutistic tendasies? is rthat the reason i mniot a reaaly socil perrson evn  tho i want 2 b? no 1 itrested in moi evben mr gc hrdly wans se me now.REEVCTED!!! Bah humbu im  a scrooge kepin it all tomysel

i shal syuvive! i Shall survive! I amm the jesintator!!! 'Hands in the air for supergirl. She buys sex toys
Hands in the air for supergirl. She's a bit of alright' SUPAGIRLK!!!

Y dont i let him fuc me? maybe it woud be easiert o just get it iover withj? i alweusa thort i would higher aan pros if i asitll a virgian at 30 and is certin lookin m like i will be an this would sur b ceeper. myb foot keeps getin naillsed by pointyb metal insided my couch. its hurts. wowowww bad spoeklking!

If I put my hands around your wrists, would you fight them?
If I put my fingers in your mouth, would you bite them?
So many things that I would do if I had my way with you 

I wnna be heldd down and fuucked hard. i wnat to s ccrream so loudly! I am betttyer than second bestrr! cousch wantass me to end it she dkont sauy but she has hertr wayuss of gettin her opinion across. she prnbly riught but in dont want to! im enjoyint the good sbit toom much. This doesn't happen to me every day
No excuses I've got anyway, heh
I'll satisfy your every need
And I'll know you'll satisfy me, oh my-my-my my-my
 IIIIIIIIII wannnnnaaaa gett fuccckkked!!!!!whyub can ti cant it uop. all my logicakl sences  tell me i woulkd regret it  but how dop they kno. loginc ios a bitch.

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