Thursday, 19 May 2011

Being a Grumpy Bugger

Well tonight I have turned into a little bit of a grumpy bugger. I'm mainly in a shit because there is no-one online for me to talk to, people aren't replying to my text messages and the people who I'm talking to on the chat site are just being way to full on for my liking.

These 'full-on' people really quite annoy me. They're not the ones who are asking me the colour of my knickers (white), they're the ones who want to instantly be best friends or even more. They instantly want to know my real name, phone number and to be added to my Facebook.

I'm not sure if this is actually the way the whole online dating thing is supposed to work, but I'm just not that comfortable giving out details like that to someone who is a complete stranger. Realistically, some of these people would be decent people but some of them obviously wouldn't be. It's the ones who aren't decent that concern me. Why should I even consider giving out so many details. Quite simply, I don't even consider it. My theory, whether it's accurate or not, is that the decent people will wait until I'm comfortable enough to give them my details.

My other bitch topic for this evening is a guy I'm going to call Surfie-Bloke. He is in love with his own dick. I mean more than most guys seem to be. Surfie-Bloke just goes on and on about the size (11 inches) and asking questions such as 'Could you take it?', Would you be able to fit the whole thing down your throat?', 'Is it the biggest you've ever seen?'. This becomes very annoying, very quickly.

He then follows on by almost jumping into the category of 'full-on', by asking if I would be his girlfriend. I would respond to something he's said with something like 'Well by the sounds of it you just want someone for a casual fuck'. With which he respond s with something along the lines of 'No, I want a girlfriend'. It then becomes rather funny when I then suggest that perhaps bragging about his penis size isn't the best way to go about it and he seems to then become a little bit offended and stop talking altogether. At least for the rest of the evening that is.

Well I think that's all I have to say for tonight. I'm still a grumpy bugger but I have a full day of work to look forward to tomorrow. No, that wasn't sarcasm. I do actually like my job. I'm also approaching the last days of having a flatmate. My best mate Anita has been staying with me for the last six weeks. It's been a hilarious time of burnt tea-towels, finishing each others sentences and having her do my dishes for me (that means they don't have chance to grow mould like they do when I'm in charge). She's taking me out for dinner tomorrow night so I'm sure we'll have a hilarious time with lots of weird looks from our neighbouring diners as is the usual occurrence when we go out anywhere. Well now I'm slightly cheerier. Smile!

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