Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A Burning Ring of Fire

The first time I saw the process of fisting was in a video link sent to me by Mr Good-Company. This video involved one woman being fisted by both hands of another woman. I remember wincing as I watched, it just seemed somewhat barbaric and violent. It reminded me of witnessing the artificial insemination of cows as a child. Fisting is something that I knew I would never even consider trying. Until my curiosity got the better of me that is.

The idea of wanting to try this just slowly began to grow on me, I'm not sure how or why. I already knew that I was capable of taking quite a few fingers at once, so perhaps I would be able to accommodate a fist. Just by chance I ended up doing some reading on the subject and the idea began to appeal to me even more, though of course it came with some concerns as well. Pain was an obvious factor, with some women having described trying to take the last part of the hand as like a 'ring of fire'. Another concern of mine was stretching, though everything I read indicated that as long as fisting wasn't an overly regular practice, the muscles would be able to contract back too their original state.

I was having a Facebook chat with Mr Good-Company at the time I was doing this reading and I mentioned it was something I might like to try. He admitted it was something he had never attempted before but that he would certainly like to give it a try. I sent him a link to the page I had been reading and after a few minutes he asked when I would like to try this. Since the idea, though exciting, was still making me quite nervous I said that we should just see how things pan out next time we meet up. He then suggested I come and pay him a visit right then. So I did.

I hadn't met up with Mr Good-Company for quite a while at this point, so lets just say I was very easily excited. After kissing on the couch for a little while, Mr Good-Company's hand found it's way into my jeans. He started to play with my clit, causing my breath to come in small gasps as I found myself in a rather pleasurable state. He then pulled my jeans and knickers of and began to finger me as well. Just as it was all becoming a little bit much, he stood up and we moved into the bedroom, both of us removing any remaining clothes as soon as we were there before falling onto the bed.

Now as I mentioned earlier I was quite nervous about fisting. I knew that's what I was there for but I didn't know when and how Mr Good-Company was going to introduce it into our play. Things went as normal for a while, kissing, touching, fingering and then the dildo with large amounts of lube. I then noticed that the dildo was hurting a little bit more than usual, but thought nothing of it, figuring that Mr Good-Company was just being a little bit rougher than normal.

Mr Good-Company was now sitting between my legs at this point. I began to notice that the dildo was becoming increasingly painful, so painful that I thought I was going to scream. I reached down between my legs and it was then that I realised that the dildo had left events some time ago and that it was Mr Good-Company trying to slide his hand inside of me that was causing my pain.

When I found that I couldn't speak I sort of realised that I was actually screaming, though I couldn't hear it myself. This scared me for a moment. It felt like a very large loss of control for me and I quickly had to find a way to let Mr Good-Company know when I needed a break. I did the most obvious thing, leaving my left hand on the hand of his that was slowly working it's way inside of me and placing my right hand on his other arm, I did all that I could really do and just squeezed like all hell when I needed a moments rest. He seemed to get the message.

I don't know how long we continued with this for. Him slowly working his hand inside of me and my digging my nails into him. When I would relax my grip he would continue, slowly moving his hand further and further. After a while he stopped completely saying that I'd probably had enough for now. I think he was right too. 

We went back to our more normal activities and we both came at the same time as he worked my dildo inside of me and I stroked his penis.

When Mr Good-Company came back from cleaning himself off we began round two. He asked me if I wanted to try again. I did of course, but I still needed a little bit of recovery time so I replied with 'not quite yet'. After he had played with me some more Mr Good-Company tried fisting me again, repeating the same process as earlier. We continued with this until, as before, I just couldn't take it any more.

Mr Good-Company then began to rub his cock on top of my clit. After the painful events of earlier this action felt like such a contrast. The soft skin of his cock compared to the hardness of his hand mea I quickly found myself coming. I then went down on Mr Good-Company, rubbing his balls and sucking his cock until he came in my mouth. I like to think I've become better at this over time. I remember when I first began going down on him that I had a lot of trouble taking all of him into my mouth without my gag reflex kicking in, now it's much easier and the gag reflex is of very little concern. I still can't quite believe how much I enjoy sucking him off.

The whole fisting experience was very intense for me. I wasn't able to take his entire fist in the end but I was able to take his hand in until just past the knuckles, the thick part at the base of the thumb seeming to cause the problem. I can honestly say that I cannot recall ever having been in so much pain in my life. I didn't come from it as such, the pain factor by far out weighing the pleasure. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy the experience. I really did. But I certainly found it to be extremely intense.

It wasn't until the next day that I found how much of an intense experience it actually was. I was extremely sore which was to be expected, yet my brain also seemed to behaving trouble digesting the events that had occurred the previous evening. I think a large part of the problem was that at that stage there were a few things I was quite unsure of and I had to ask Mr Good-Company to fill in a few of the gaps for me. 

It turns out that the reason I thought I was screaming was because I was actually screaming and quite loudly too apparently. I honestly can't recall hearing any noise at the time, but obviously the reason I was unable to speak was because of those screams. I was also unable to recall how much of Mr Good-Company's hand I had been able to take or when he had stopped using the dildo and switched to fingers and then hand. Apparently what he had done was at first insert several fingers with the dildo and then make the switch, removing the dildo and continuing with his hand.

I will admit that I still feel a little bit baffled by events. I pride myself on having an excellent memory and the fact that I sort of spaced out during the fisting attempt does make me realise how intense the situation must have been for me.

The pain also stayed with me a lot longer than expected. Previously when I have felt a bit bruised in that region everything has returned to normal fairly quickly and I've even resumed playing with myself and my dildo nearly straight away. I did not attempt that this time, but today, two days after the event I had a go. I tried first with the dildo (and lube) but found myself to be in quite a lot of pain, my insides were apparently quite bruised. I switched to using my vibrator (though switched off) because it's a great deal narrower than the dildo. I had more success with this and was eventually able to try the dildo again. It still hurt a great deal but certainly not as much as it had when I'd first tried to use it.

Despite the pain and my muddled up head, fisting is definitely something I am keen to try again. Many personal accounts I've read say that once you move past that 'ring of fire' and take the whole hand it is an extremely pleasurable experience. I want to find out just how good that experience is. Though, that said, it's entirely possible that fisting may just be something I am unable to do. If that's the case, then so be it. At least I'll know if I'm capable of it, satisfying a large amount of my curiosity in regards to the subject.

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