Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Pleasure and Pain

Whilst bored recently, I decided to do one of those entirely unreliable but enjoyable online quizzes that supposedly tell you everything about yourself except for the hair colour of your first born child. For some reason I had been expecting to score highly in the area of submissive, yet the results (below) came back telling me that I am some what of a masochist.
My Quiz Results

This 'discovery' didn't really surprise me that much. I have always enjoyed a little bit of pain. I don't derive sexual pleasure from it, but things like having needle, and I suppose even my self-harming, have fallen into the classification of 'fun'. Another reason I had suspected my masochistic tendencies was how much I enjoyed the biting from Mr Good-Company and the bruises resulting from this action. 

Last night I again paid Mr Good-Company a visit. I had been horny as hell for the past several days and was becoming a little bored with playing with myself. To say I was rather glad Mr Good-Company responded to my text messages would be an understatement.

After nerding it up a bit over Doctor Who we moved into the bedroom, myself grabbing my toys out of my bag on the way.

After kissing me and teasing my nipples through my bra, Mr Good-Company stopped, pulled my jeans and knickers off and proceeded to do a very thorough job of going down on me. It felt so good, the feel of his tongue moving against my pussy and the sight of his head between my legs had me so turned on, it was fantastic.

When he had finished between my legs Mr Good-Company proceeded to wipe my wetness from his face before removing his clothes and the rest of mine. I have a vague memory of him biting my neck during this process, I've a bruise there anyway that would have been caused only one way.

After a bit more making out, Mr Good-Company placed himself on top of me with his cock in my mouth whilst he again went down on me. At some point he stopped this and began to rub my dildo against me before sliding it inside of me. After he had done this Mr Good-Company added my vibrator to the mix, rubbing it against my clit. Meanwhile, I was sucking his cock, though due to the fact I was a bit distracted, I have my doubts about how decent a job I was doing.

I was so close to coming this entire time it was starting to drive me absolutely crazy. I then felt the vibe moving and a sharp sort of pain as Mr Good-Company slowly moved the vibe alongside the dildo inside of me. I have tried before on my own to have both my vibrator and dildo inside of me, but due to the pain it was not something I had ever been able to fully achieve.

I'm not going to lie, for a moment there it was quite painful, but at the same time I enjoyed it a lot and came soon after the vibe was inserted. It actually took me a few moments to regain my breath afterwards and  it's actually not to often that happens.

Once my brain had returned itself to working order I was able to focus on Mr Good-Company a bit more. He began by rubbing his cock between my breasts before asking me to go down on him again. I'm still a little bit surprised by how much I enjoy doing this, but I suppose to quote the old cliché 'life is full of surprises'.

After doing this for a while Mr Good-Company suggested that we do what I had mentioned in a text I had sent earlier that day, 'I want you to rub your cock against my clit and make me come...'. I straddled Mr Good-Company and began to rub my clit against his cock. I love how this feels. Unlike masturbation It is a sensation that I can't achieve by myself and it just feels so damn good.

After having come, I again proceeded to go down on Mr Good-Company, sucking and licking his cock until he came in my mouth. I, of course swallowed.

Even now, over 24 hours later, my poor pussy still feels a little bit sore. If someone had told me 6 months ago I would be enjoying the sensation of someone having caused me even a small amount of physical pain I would have told them something along the line of 'Hell no'. But I did enjoy it. I'm not even ashamed of that fact. If this is who I am and being hurt (to some extent) is something that I enjoy, then it's something that I can live with quite easily. I must also admit, that even though I am still feeling a little bit bruised, I am quite keen to give 'the two toys in one' deal ago by myself later on.

My pink and purple friends. Both are about 15cm long. The purple one is nearly 5cm wide and the pink vibe is 2.5cm wide.

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