Wednesday, 31 August 2011

It's the little things

It's funny how you come to miss people, even if things turned sour at the end.

Mr Good-Company moved (I think) a few days ago, but before that he cut off contact with me. I went to tell him a random Doctor Who fact via Facebook and discovered that he had unfriended me. He never replied when I asked why, so I deleted him from my contacts on the chat site. I didn't want to be deleted twice, as I'm sure my contact on the chat site would have been his next target. He never got his DVD back in the end. I meant to bring it with me that last time I visited but I forgot it. He didn't ask for it back before he left either. I guess I'll drop it off at an Op Shop. I don't want it.

Even though things didn't work out that we could be friends in the end, I still find that I miss him a bit. For all he insisted we were just fuck buddies, to me he was a friend, right up until the end really. It's the feeling of having that friendship that I miss as well as the little things from back when our arrangement was still working.

I miss seeing our facebook chats; 'Hey', 'How's life?', 'Getting any?' and my standard responses that followed. Generally always the same start to the convo. I miss having someone I can text saying 'I'm horny' and having him respond with something along the lines of 'Well we'd better do something about that then'. Or things like him always commenting on my constant shaking

I know we hadn't done things like that for months before it ended, but it's these fun moments, the little things, the companionship I sometimes had. These are the things that I miss.

This was all an absolutely massive thing for me. Not just the sexual things, but everything. It was a pretty massive crush I had on him in the beginning after all, though I'm not sure when it faded, I know it had long before things went bad.

I assume that it's only natural that it will take me a little while to move on from it all. But move on I shall. I'm young. Mr Good-Company will be the first of many. I am an optimist after all.

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