Thursday, 22 September 2011

Flaunt It Girls!

Several weeks ago now, I received a random Facebook invite form an old school friend to a 'Flaunt It Party'. Due to the fact that I had to work on this day, I thought nothing of it, not even bothering to enquire what a Flaunt It party was. Then the date changed, and I realised that I wasn't working on this particular date. So I got my Google on and found out what a Flaunt It party was.

It turns out that a Flaunt It Party is the same as a Tupperware party, only substitute the Tupperware for vibrators! My first thought upon reading this was 'Hell yeah!' I was definitely going to this.

Miss Brown, the friend who was holding the party, had been one of my best friends when we were at school together, but she moved away when we were year 11 and have only had very irregular contact since then. So to say I was surprised to receive an invite from her, especially to something so precisely in my current area of interest, would be an understatement.

Now Miss Brown lives several hours away from me in Ballarat, a town I am fairly unfamiliar with. So I dug out a map, borrowed a GPS from my sister and I was on my way!

We spent the afternoon together doing a few little errands, arranging things for the party and such before it was due to start at 7pm. It turns out that the woman running the party had lost her planner so had forgotten we were on for the night so the party didn't kick off until 8pm.

When she arrived she set up a table with some of the products she was selling. Rabbit vibrators, bullets, remote controlled vibes, lube, oral aids and lingerie.

She introduced herself and the range and began to talk about the products, passing them around the 12 of us in the circle. As she passed the toys around she told us about them, telling us to test the strength of the vibrations by holding them against our nose, which apparently has a similar sensitivity to that of the clitoris. For obvious reasons you cannot 'try before you buy' so to speak. Though, she did offer to let us all test an arousal balm, she would give us a bit in the palm of our hands and then we could go to the bathroom and rub some on our 'intimate areas'. But no-one, including myself took her up on the offer, not wanting to spend the rest of the evening with our legs crossed in a state of arousal.

After playing a few games one of which involved holding a piece of paper behind your back and tearing out the shape of a penis, it was time to fill out our order forms. I hadn't expected to be buying anything much, as from looking at the online catalogue, the products didn't seem to be off a good quality level. But I was surprised. I ended up buying a rabbit vibrator, a bullet and a cordless remote control vibe. None of which I could really afford, but hey, I was caught up in the moment. I do look forward to when my new toys arrive though.

During the party it was apparent that the woman hosting it (not my friend) was new to the business, though it is also highly possible that due to the last minuteness of it all she was just unprepared. I had a look at the website for the brand, and were it not for the fact that I can't afford to buy the demonstration kits, it is certainly something I would consider having a go at. I certainly know my sex toys after all. Give it a few years and you never know, I could be hosting a Flaunt It Party near you!

Click to here for more information about Flaunt It.

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