Saturday, 4 February 2012

Double the Bed, Double the Action

This post is a bit late I will admit, but these things happen. About two weeks ago now, I had a play date with Mr Good-Company. This time he came to my place and I bought a new bed for the occasion, my single bed not really being adequate for the anticipated activities.

I was of course nervous in the lead up to his arrival but later that afternoon a phone call from my boss put those thoughts out of my mind altogether. Our shop was closing, we were all losing our jobs. But I believe I've already told that story.

When Mr Good-Company arrived we stood around in my lounge room for a bit before he asked to see my new bed. We sat there in my room for a bit before he said 'Come here'. And I did.

I admit I can't clearly recall the order of events any more, what with them not being fresh in my mind, but I do remember thoroughly enjoying myself. I remember some very good oral. I remember straddling Mr Good-Company and rubbing my clit against his cock, coming over and over again before he suggested I fuck him. I rode him and came, and rode him and came. Finally bringing Mr Good-Company to orgasm.

There is just something about coming with another person, them making me come and I them, that I love so much. It is this more than my own orgasm where I draw my satisfaction from. To me, mutual pleasure is so much more fulfilling then any masturbatory session.

After putting our clothes back on Mr Good-Company and I nerded it up a bit before dinner, talking about the old favourite, Doctor Who. After dinner and some more nerd time, we headed back to the bedroom and started to make out. It would now be my turn to tie Mr Good-Company up.

After fiddling around with the rope for a little bit, working out how best to tie it without having to cut it (it was a nice bit of rope), I finally had Mr Good-Company tied to the four corners of the bed. He already looked like he was enjoying himself.

I kissed him, once again straddled him and began to rub myself against his cock. I love doing this, I come so easily from it. After I had my orgasm I put my oral skills to use. Sucking him, licking him, feeling him thrust his hips towards my mouth.

Following this I backed of, kissing him some more whilst stroking his cock, feeling the wetness of my saliva and his precum on his cock. I then went back rubbing myself against him. I repeated these moves several times until, when I was once again rubbing myself against his cock, he begged me to fuck him. 

What I enjoyed most about this was seeing in his face how much he did want to fuck me. Because I couldn't help myself  I asked 'You sure?'

"Yes. Fuck me!'

I untied him, letting him put a condom on before I began to ride him. Once again coming on his cock. Immediately after this Mr Good-Company pushed me off him and onto my back. He quickly positioned himself between my legs and began to fuck me so damn hard and fast that i again found myself coming, only a few seconds before he did.

I held him there afterwards, just feeling his cock jerking inside of me. I'd always wanted to do that but foor some reason never had. I quite enjoyed the feeling of his cock moving inside me that way. It caused me to grind myself against his pelvis wanting more. But that round, enough was enough.

We went to sleep then, after some silly discussion about the buzzing of mosquitoes. I woke up a couple of hours later and my hands went wandering. They found the bulge in Mr Good-Company shorts and began to stroke it through the thin fabric, feeling it harden. My hands then began to search for the waistband of those shorts, finding their way to the fun held beneath the fabric of those shorts.

Mr Good-Company woke then and his hand began to wander, finding their way to my pants, to the hem of my shirt, to the nipples underneath that shirt. 

This was to be a quick session. We rubbed and stroked each other, kissing in the dark before Mr Good-Company climbed on top of me, rubbing my clit with his cock before straddling my chest. He reached to my bedside cabinet for a little bullet vibe I have affectionately nicknamed 'Supervibe'. He turned it on and found his way to my clit. Not quite hitting the right spot, I took it from him an began to put it to some very good use.

Mr Good-Company was still straddling my chest, teasing and pinching my nipples. As he stroked his cock I began to moan as only Supervibe can cause me to do. Orgasming again and again as Mr Good-Company continued to rub himself. I listened to him, amongst the sounds of my moans and Supervibe I could hear he was close.

We had discussed facials before and this was to be it. As my orgasms continued he began to come, squirting over my mouth and cheeks. 

I had always wondered what I would do at this moment, but I didn't even have to think about it. I licked the tip of his cock as he came, licked the cum from my lip and continued to flick the tip of his cock with my tongue. He tasted so good.

We went back to sleep after that. I tried to repeat my wandering hands manoeuvre when I again woke later on. I felt him grow hard and reached into his shorts only to be stopped by a mumbled 'To sore.' Accepting this, I rolled over and went back to sleep.

Mr Good-Company was ready to leave first thing the next morning. Watching him dress I asked if he was still sore. He was. I didn't like this answer, but there really wasn't much I could do about it. 

As I sat on the edge of the bed I pulled him in for a goodbye kiss, wrapping my legs around him as he leant over me. I didn't want him to go just yet. Unfortunately ,Mr Good-Company knows my weakness. He tickled me! Turning me into a squirming pile of giggles, I let him go.

We walked into the lounge room and I requested another kiss. This time I had a better hold of him. I wouldn't let him go and just kept kissing him each time he made a move to break away.

'What are you going to do, chase me around the room?'

'Nope. I'm going to push you backwards onto that chair and then I'm going to straddle you.'

I don't know how, but somehow that is exactly what happened. I straddled him. Unable to help myself I was rubbing against his groin. I kept trying to take his shirt off but he just wouldn't let me. Each time I tried to pull it over his head he would lean back against the chair and say 'Nope'. My response was of course 'Yes' as I tried as hard as I could to pull him forward and drag the shirt of at the same time. After what felt like several minutes I had his shirt off. 

I was finding this all very entertaining, but at the same time hoping like all hell he wouldn't just stand and leave. I was more than ready by this stage. I wanted him.

'You're just horny' 

I was still rubbing myself against him. His hands were on breasts.

'So are you, I can feel you'. 

I continued to kiss him, trying to figure out if I could keep rubbing against him and undo his belt buckle at the same time.

'You just like rubbing against me'.

'Who can blame me?'

I finally got that damn belt buckle undone and began to work on the zipper. It was so hard to do in the position I was in! I finally undid his jeans and giggled.

'I've never undone a guys pants before'.

With that Mr Good-Company laughed. Pushing me off him and we went back into the bedroom. Quickly taking of our clothes I straddled him and began rubbing against him in earnest. Such was my level of arousal I found myself coming quicker and better than normal.

'Why don't you do that for real?'

So I reached for the condoms, which of course had fallen out of reach during the night. As Mr Good-Company put one on I knelt there, rocking on my heels. I wanted sex. I really wanted sex. As soon as he had that condom on I was back on him. I believe I came several times before picking up the pace for Mr Good-Company. I don't believe I have ever rode him as hard as I did that morning.

When he finally came I just lay on top of his chest, exhausted.

Putting our clothes back on it really was time for Mr Good-Company to leave. We kissed once more in the bedroom before making our way to the front door. As he went to open it I pulled him in for one more kiss. This time it really was a goodbye kiss and I made the most of it, not knowing when or if I would see him again.

As it turns out I saw him half an hour later. After he left I found his sunglasses so I sent him a text and he came back for them. This time it was just a quick goodbye as friends. A brief exchange and a 'See ya later'. Though I was of course wondering if I would ever actually see him again.

I must admit, even now I'm rather pleased in my efforts of convincing Mr Good-Company to stay for that last round. It was the kind of silly fun I really enjoy with him. All in all, it was a memorable night for all the right reasons.

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