Saturday, 23 June 2012

V Day

No, not that V day, not the V day that involves hearts, flowers and a diaper clad baby shooting unsuspecting people with arrows. This V Day. This is my V Day. On this day 12 months ago I lost my virginity.

On the 23rd of June 12 months ago I headed over to Mr Good-Company's with a couple of toys and some lube only to end up having sex. Sure, as you will know sex wasn't supposed to happen. But I don't regret it. It was with someone I liked, trusted and to this day am still friends with. As such I choose to celebrate this day.

Ideally I would love to celebrate by having sex. Unfortunately, due to lack of male friend, I have had to do with a mastabatory session instead. I treated myself to chips with my dinner at a local cafe where they have the most extensive range of burgers (the Swiss chicken burger is my favourite). The friend I was dinning with didn't know I was celebrating but I assure you I was.

I'm now sitting at home with some butterscotch schnapps, having a few drinks and just remembering the good times. I let Mr Good-Company know what today is. I haven't heard anything back but that's okay. Today is my day, not his and as such I plan to keep celebrating this day for it's remaining two hours. 

Happy V Day everyone!

Note: A 'birthday' cake is on the way but due to the sex shop being closed when it was supposed to be open, I was unable to source the penis candles I was after. Wait for it though! That cake is coming!


  1. Call me when the cake arrives. :)

    Happy V'day, Jess!

  2. Happy V'day. :D