Thursday, 29 November 2012

Keeping It Down

Well needless to say I was a little bit stressed when I last wrote. I was worried that I had lost a friend all for the sake of sex. Things weren't going great at work (and still aren't) but overall I'm in a better frame right now.

I have seen The Shy Guy twice since I last wrote and I have probably spoke to him on Facebook too much for my own good. The sex is great and neither of us have any problems with that but apparently I am coming off as 'full on' due to my eagerness to talk to him. But how did I find this out? By talking to him of course, so on that front I guess it's a bit of a catch twenty two. Because of this I'm really just trying to chill and take it easy. I'm making a very conscious effort not to start a conversation every night and just leave him alone. I don't whether we'll end up as anything more than friends with benefits but he wasn't definitely more pleasant to talk to after a few days break.

On the subject with no problems with sex, On Saturday night (25/11/12) I gave the first blow job I have given to completion since I lost my virginity. This was something I was very nervous about at the time. It was obviously a long time since I had swallowed and in previous play sessions with The Shy Guy I had taken note of the amount of cum he produced. It seemed a lot. Would I be able to give a clean blow job or would I make a mess? I don't like messy blow jobs.

After the failed attempt of our previous session (I became too nervous and reverted to jerking him off) thing were going better this time. The Shy Guy promised to tell me when he was close and I made sure I had a towel on hand in case I couldn't stomach the taste and/or the amount. I went for it.

He did cum a lot and I did gag a little. I swallowed as much as I could before utilising the towel as the last of The Shy Guy's cum landed on his stomach. 

I don't tend to gag often, so this was new for me. I suspect that it was a combination of the amount of cum and the taste that caused the reflex to occur. It had a pool water/chlorine sort of taste to it that I've never come across before but it was mostly tolerable until I just couldn't swallow fast enough. Thankfully The Shy Guy was enjoying it all too much to care if I could take it all.

I'm looking forward to trying it again. I like a challenge and The Shy Guy is certainly one of those.

Next post: Sexpo 2012!

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