Monday, 3 December 2012

Sexpo 2012

Sexpo was amazing! Going last year was a massive eye opener but my experience this year was definitely more enjoyable. I've decided to put this down to the fact that I wasn't stressing about GC and 'after' Sexpo and I also think I had a lot more confidence in myself this yea and we all know how good that can make a person feel about things.

This year I attended Sexpo with a friend from work. We were supposed to catch the 6.35am train/bus to Melbourne. Unfortunately, Flapper set her alarm for 5.30pm so as you can surely guess, we missed the train. After racing to catch it at the next stop we ended up road tripping to Geelong eventually arriving at the exhibition centre (Sexpo) at around 11.30am. It was worth the effort though.

Flapper and I headed straight to the bargain table before deciding to do laps of every aisle before making any purchases. I paid so much more attention to everything I was seeing this year and I still can hardly believe how much was actually there. 

Flapper is more into the leather and floggers then I am so we were keeping a special eye out on those types of items for her. Every now and then she'd hand me a toy and ask her to hit her bum with it just so she could see how hard it was. I can't say I've ever done that before! 

When we reached the back of the exhibition room we headed to the peep show. The peep show I remember seeing last year can be described as a mature woman (late thirties) fondling her breasts and pussy while lying across a couch. This year it was a much younger woman. She was licking her fingers and pumping them in herself vigorously  She would spit on her breasts and rub it in as well as lick the windows of the peep show booth. It was certainly interesting to watch.

Then finally it was shopping time! I didn't have as much spending money with me this year so I was more focused on quality purchases then buying everything that looked cool. Though sadly when I cam e to the end of my funds I was left making a very hard decision between two toys I had wanted for quite some time. In the end I chose the cheaper of the two though it was simply agonising to leave without the other.
Palmpower massager and sensual attachments, D1 Silicon dildo and Desire 'Missile Prime' bullet.
 So far I have only had the chance to test out one of my purchases, the Palm power massager and I am simply loving it. For quite awhile now I have been wanting a mains powered device after hearing so much about the Hitachi and the like. I purchased it from the D-Vice stall and though I later found it online at a cheaper price I am loving it.

I had a very quick test run of it before work yesterday before warming things up for a good go last night. Wow. it was certainly very powerful. Every now and then I would turn it up as far as I could handle before pausing and finding a more comfortable vibration speed. The thing (with the G spot attachment) actually had me writhing on the couch. 'Wow' really is the best word for it.

I of course had to buy a few fun things as well. I mean really, who can resist a chocolate penis? Unfortunately it wasn't really the best taste chocolate. But hey, it's chocolate so I'm certainly not going to complain!

Flapper and I also bought an assortment of wooden penis key rings in varying shades. These were to go to my little brother, Flapper sister in law and a small group of work girls who we would have loved to take with us but they had other commitments.

Another highlight of the trip took place on the main stage. I was wowed by the pole dancers last year and this year it was the burlesque dancers that took my breath away. The star performer was a woman by the name of Cassandra Jane.  She and her cohorts did an amazing job and oozed old time glamour. I also loved the fact that though the girls were thin, they weren't stick figures. One in particular had a wonderful amount of wobble to her bottom.

Considering it was only a last minute trip, only finding out that Flapper wanted to come with me ( I wouldn't have gone alone) with less then a week to the day was just plain good fortune. Sexpo was a much more entertaining event then attending the staff party. I really can't rave on about how much I enjoyed it!

On a finishing note I want to thank my friend Snickety for providing me with tickets. Without his wonderful connection with MJ's Toybox I wouldn't have been able to attend.On the subject of MJ's, Flapper really liked your products. I just love the teddy bears!

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