Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Losing my Nut

I have a habit, when taken by an interesting idea, of diving straight into the deep end. I don't necessarily mean to, it's just what seems to come naturally to me. I go the whole hog, determined to do it properly. As my personal trainer once told me, I am a sucker for going the hard yards.

I can see you wondering what exactly it is that I've committed myself to this time. I won't draw it out, it's going to be a long drawn out process as it is. I have committed myself to roughly 5 entire weeks of self-celibacy.

Now just wait for that to sink in... Okay, you can stop laughing at me now, I'm well aware that I AM GOING TO DIE!

The idea came about from an online chat a friend and I were having. We were talking about a wireless and remote controlled vibrator I own and the fact that I cannot orgasm from it. My friend came up with the idea that perhaps I had become desensitised to vibrations over time, needing more and more power behind them to receive the desired result. This actually made a lot of sense so I decided that I would abstain from using vibrators for a while.

As we continued to talk about this the idea began to grow... If I could become overly accustomed to vibrators, then I am also overly accustomed to larger toys, the smaller ones not really doing it for me any more. So it was decided that I would abstain from them also.

Seriously! Stop laughing at me!

I of course, decided to take things one step further and abstain from all self-pleasure all together. I'd had a very good masturbatory session an hour or so before the conversation with my friend had taken place, so I had no doubts that I would be able to complete the challenge. In fact, I was actually very excited about it!

I went to bed last night and despite missing my evening play session I fell straight asleep. Then I woke in a bit of a daze at about 5am and it hit me. I WAS GOING TO DIE!

I will admit I panicked a bit then. Seriously considering having a play right then and putting the whole thing down as a massive failure, not even managing to last 24 hours. But in my sleepy little daze I thought about it some more. I wanted to do this. No one was holding me to it, it was something I was doing for me. I decided to provide myself with a limit of two clitoral based orgasms throughout that 5 week period, a sort of  'get out of jail free card'. I also decided that if I did fail in this endeavour, then it would still be okay. I still would have achieved something.

So that is what I am going to do. I certainly see some tough times ahead that's for sure, close to the end of it I'll probably find myself humping the furniture. One of the hardest things I believe will be sleeping, I actually sleep with one hand down my pants! Talk about temptation!

I decided that my challenge will end on the day I attend Sexpo, so Mr Good-Company will have to take care of the results of my abstinence, whatever they may be.

You can start laughing again now. I'm done.


  1. jeez no pressure to make it fantastic

  2. After 5 weeks of no fun you could probably just poke me with a stick and recieve a good reaction. Don't try it though lol

  3. she will be chomping at the bit, i am sure of it, and it will be great fun.