Saturday, 15 October 2011

My Little Box of Wonders

Well hello all. I have recently found myself observing with some curiosity, the growth of my small toy collection. I have sixteen toys so far. An assortment of vibrators and dildos.

The original Purple Friend and Purple Friend the Second.
I have my definite favourites of course. My Purple Friend being my ultimate favourite, my first toy and the one I turn to most often, My Purple Friend is the only toy of mine that has a permanent name all it's own. I mainly use this particular toy in the shower,making good use of the suction cup at the base and taking it for a bit of a ride. 

My original Purple Friend, after about 6 months of fairly rough and regular use, is now beginning to deteriorate. The suction cup beginning to split from the main part of the dildo and the 'ball' section is starting to separate from the shaft. As such, I ordered myself a new Purple Friend. Sure I could have been a bit more adventurous and gone for a different size or colour, but what I have now works so well I just bought another of the same. Though, comparing the two, you can definitely tell the current from the new!

My first rabbit style vibe, a very enjoyable bullet
and a wireless, remote controlled vibe.
I also found myself pondering my toys of the vibrating variety. The majority of my toys are vibes. As some of you well know, I only bought my first vibrator this year. It was very simple, just a small vibrating rod really. It didn't last long unfortunately but I did buy a replacement exactly the same as the first

Now whilst on the subject of vibrators, my purchases from the Flaunt It party finally arrived. I arrived home from work one evening to find a parcel on my doorstep. I eagerly opened it, expecting it to be the corset I had ordered many several weeks ago. When I opened the plastic packaging and saw the black tissue paper however, I immediately knew it wasn't my corset, but something a lot more exciting! I quickly tore open the tissue paper dug some batteries out of various tv remotes and cameras, and prepared myself to take my new toys for a test drive

Mr Happy
After I had tried out my toys, some more pleasurable than others, I gave them a pretty good examination. All seem to be of fairly good quality, but I knew that when I bought them. The surprise cam when I was having a closer look at the head/shaft of the rabbit vibe. It was smiling at me!

I must admit I quite like this feature. It seems to give the vibe just a little personal quirk. Sure there are probably millions of this same vibe with this same little grin, but I like the fact that he seem to be so happy and pleased with the job he's doing. Perhaps this will be the next toy of mine to gain its own name?

This is turning into quite a picture based blog post, so before I sign off, I'm going to put up one last photo, showing how far I have come regarding my choice in vibrators. I must admit that for some reason it makes me feel quite pleased with myself.

The little pink one is the second reincarnation of my first, short lived vibrator. It was cheap (under $15) and shodderly made, but it still felt wonderful. The rabbit by comparison, I paid $99 for (only to later find it at my usual online store for $70). But I believe paying that extra thirty dollars was well worth it for an evening spent in the company of friends, having a good laughs and a few drinks. 

I have my eye on a few other toys at the moment, nothing as technical looking as the rabbit, but each with their own appeal. I certainly look forward to adding to my toy collection in the future.

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