Saturday, 22 October 2011

5 Out of 40

I am currently on day 5 of my 40 day self-celibacy challenge. Whilst it certainly hasn't been as difficult as I expected, it certainly hasn't been easy either.

I posted a question on a forum asking if any other women there had done what I am doing, and what advice they could give me. I received an equal amount of positive and negative feedback. Many people seemed to think that after 5 weeks of no play, I would lose my sex drive altogether, others saying the complete opposite.

Surprisingly, I was offered some helpful advice as well. It was suggested that a way to keep my interest alive would be to play, but to deny myself orgasm. Apparently this can make that eventual orgasm especially intense. Now I have been playing a bit but so far I haven't let myself come anywhere near the point of orgasm. I'm just not sure I trust myself. But at the same time I think that it is very unlikely that I could possibly lose interest in sex in just 5 weeks.

My mind still wanders a lot. Sex is something that is often on my mind and this whole self-celibacy thing doesn't appear to have changed that. I'll be on my way to work or the shops and I'll find that something just pops into my head...

'I can feel his weight on top of me. His arms grasping mine has he pins me down. He kisses my hard, gently biting my lip as he pulls his face away. I can feel him adjust himself, aligning his hips with mine. He presses his cock against my pussy, just teasing me. He knows how much I want to be filled. Suddenly I am.

He begins to thrust hard inside of me making me moan. I raise my legs, wrapping them around his back, feeling him go deeper and deeper inside of me. I start to cry out as he thrust faster, feeling my orgasm building...'

See, I told you my mind wanders. But I do enjoy the torture that is my imagination. I enjoy being turned on but knowing I can do nothing about it. That's a surprising discovery for me. I particularly enjoy thinking about just what Mr Good-Company is going to do with me when this is all over. Will he tease the hell out of me? Or quickly put me out of my misery? I'm not sure which I would enjoy more, but by that stage I think I would enjoy absolutely anything (don't quote me on that). Only 35 days left to go...

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