Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Bigger than Butterflies

Today is Wednesday. On Saturday I go to Melbourne, to Sexpo. To put it simply I am extremely nervous.

I spent today shopping for clothes to wear, apparently it's going to be quite warm and I have no Summer clothes. I asked Mr Good-Company what I should wear. I received the response 'corset and fishnets'. Yeah that's not going to happen.

As a rather happy coincidence, Sexpo is set to coincide with my horniest time of the month. I am already in the midst of this time and I believe it's effects are being further heightened by by my anticipation of 'after Sexpo'. I'm horny as hell and it's driving me absolutely nuts!

Clothes shopping, and thinking of how those clothes will be removed was enough to cause things to become rather, umm... 'damp'. Even after that play session I can still feel myself aching to be filled. I want sex. I want to feel a mouth on mine, a tongue up and down my pussy and teeth on my nipples. I want my mouth filled with cock. To feel the different textures, the warmth of cum in my mouth.

I can't wait for this weekend...

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