Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Painted Girl

I guess you never really know what will happen on any given day. You think you know, but thats all you can really hope for. I knew that today I would wake up, have some breakfast and go to the gym. I'd the come back home, make some Jam Drops and bum around the place for the rest of the day. Apparently, I didn't know any of this.

It is very nearly the summer holidays here in Australia. As such, my younger sister is home from uni for several months. She's managed to find herself some work at one of the aged care facilities near where I live, so I seem to have gained myself a flatmate for the summer. It's both better and worse than expected. We don't want to kill each other yet, but it's become very apparent to me how used to living alone I am. I never want to have to share a bathroom again! The shower war, is on.

Today I had the day off so we decided to do a few jobs up the street, scouring the local vintage shops as we went. Around lunchtime my sister headed back to my parents place which is closer to her other job and I met up with my younger brother instead.

It was a lovely sunny day so I decided that after we had found him some clothes to wear to his year 12 graduation we would go and eat some salad sandwiches at the beach. As I parked the car the clouds began to desend. As we ate our lunch it began to drizzle. But that's okay, I happen to quite like rain. We headed down to the beach, removing our shoes as we went and headed straight into the water. It was freezing but wonderful.

We had walked back and fourth, knee deep amongst the waves for maybe five minutes before the rain came down. But this was still okay. That is until the wind picked up and started to blow sand at us. It was rather ferosious actually. I could feel it stinging our legs as we turned our backs to it. Children were fast evacuating the water as there parents herded tham back to cars. My brother and I followed suit though still becoming drenched in the process.

With several hours before we had to go and pick up his car from the dealer, we decided to head back up the main street. Until someone remembered that we had once decided to go to the sex shop when a certain little brother turned 18. Just by pure chance, I had figured out exactly where the shop was a week earlier, so we knew where we were going at least.

The town I live in is a bit more than slightly conservative, so the the only place a sex shop was allowed to open was out on the industrial estate. My brother and I parked out front and headed in. As we walked in the owner informed us that he was closing early and we would only have 5 minutes to brow,se.

I wasn't able to have as good a look at everything as I would have liked, but it really wasn't as exciting as I had hoped. I don't know if this was because I was with my brother or if it was only due to the fact that it was a sex store in the country. I intend to go back another time and find out.

My other story for the day involved running into my friend G-String. I ran into him after the sex shop and he hung about with me and my brother for awhile before my brother wandered off elsewhere. G-String told me that he had been hanging out with some friend s of his who were trying to raise awareness about a community art project, but he had left because he just felt a little bit awkward.

Why was it awkward? Well the girl trying to raise awareness for this project was wearing a g-string and nipple pasties, whilst 'clothed' in full body paint with a design of puzzle pieces painted all over her. Knowing the woman who did the painting, it sure must have been a changed to the normal kids face painting that she does.

This girl looked amazing. She was on the chubby side of skinny, but I don't think you would be able to call her chubby or skinny. She simply looked normal. My first thought was how the hell are the police not here? My second thought was that I now knew whet my former drawing teacher was on about in the facebook status he had posted about using boobs as a promotional tool.

G-String and I went for coffee before meeting up with my brother again. As my brother and I were about to part ways with G-String we ran into The Painted Girl again. Now the police were involved. We hung around for a bit jsut to see how things would go, but it all seemed to end well. When the police left The Painted Girl told us that someone had dobbed her in for indecent exposure.  Since the art group had permission (from who, I don't know) there was no issue. Though I do think she was told to put some clothes on if she wanted to avoid taking the issue further.

So that wad my day in which I knew all that was going to happen. How wrong I was. I have no doubt I'll be reading something about The Painted Girl in the newspapers tomorrow. There will be people applauding her courage and others denouncing her for her public nudity. In my opinion she is a very brave woman for having done what she did. Though unlike me with my knowing what would happen today, I'm sure that she knew the police would make an appearance at some point. Painted Girl, I take my hat off to you. Well done.

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