Saturday, 17 December 2011

Funny Faces

A couple of days ago I tried something I have never done before. I watched Mr Good-Company play with himself via webcam. I loved it.

I played the entire time. He just looked so good, so delicious. I wanted his cock in my mouth. A couple of days later I watched him again, once again playing. After several minutes, just as I was beginning to orgasm, a message popped up on my screen 'Moan louder. I think I can hear you'. I didn't even know my laptop had a microphone! So moan I did. I came several times within minutes, my bullet being wonderfully powerful.

Those two times that I watched Mr Good-Company, I didn't have a webcam of my own. Yesterday I went shopping. I only installed my new toy today, but I've been sitting here all evening pulling funny faces at myself. It's strangely amusing. I'm hoping that Mr God-Company will be around soon for me to test out my cam properly.

Speaking of Mr Good-Company, I've been trying to arrange another meeting between the two of us. I'm not having much luck unfortunately. He doesn't seem to know his work schedule in advance which makes it very hard for me to find time off work and go down to the city.

I really want to meet up again. I'm not sure if he's afraid that I will become to attached again, but I have no intention of letting that happen. I have know Mr Good-Company nearly a year now. For me to hope for more now I would be insulting my own intelligence. I think very highly of my intelligence. I am not a stupid person. I want sex and I want friendship. I'm having no luck finding either of those things in this town. Mr Good-Company seems to be my only option. My fingers are crossed that we can sort something out.

On another totally unrelated note, I have a few congratulations to offer. First of all I would love to  congratulate my best friend Anita on graduating from uni and for finding herself an internship as a radiologist all in the same week. Love ya!

I would also like to congratulate my wonderful American friend Zelda on her engagement. Good luck to you and your Dom Chicka. Grins.

Last but not least congratulations to Mr Good-Company for being accepted into the uni course he was after. Well done mate!

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