Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Day My Life Changed

Day my Roughly 12 months ago, on I believe the 28th of December, someone accepted a contact request I had sent out from the dating site I had signed up to the previous day. This was first person to accept any of my requests. What followed was a conversation lasting several hours with someone calling himself  'Good-Company'.

It was a halting conversation at first. Neither of us (I assume) really knew what to talk about. Our first topic ended up being the movie 'Tron: Legacy' which he had recently seen. We eventually moved onto other topics, the local hunt for misbehaving P-Platers, this towns over enthusiasm  for heritage listing houses beyond repair.

The conversation, to be the first of many, ended with Good-Company saying 'Wel'' have to catch up when I get back into town.'

I wasn't to sure about this, the idea of actually meeting any of these online people hadn't actually crossed my mind at this point. 'Yeah maybe. We'll see what happens.'

I still laugh at that. 'We'll see what happens.' What happened? Well as I'm sure you can gather this was my to be my first encounter with the infamous Mr Good-Company.

A few days later, after many more hours of online conversations, Mr Good-Company and I met. Later that night I had my first kiss. A day later I recieved oral for the first time. A month later I gave my first blow job. After several eventful months I found myself losing my virginity to Mr Good-Company.

Somehow, and surprisingly quickly, Mr Good-Company had become a very important friend to me. Without even meaning to he had helped raise my self confidence and helped me to see the attractiveness in my overweight body. Even now I feel the effect of his attention then. The self-confidence I have now compared to twelve months ago still amazes me. I know I've said it many a time, but I will never be able to thank Mr Good-Company enough for helping me find that self-confidence.

I never expected when Mr Good-Company began chatting with me, that he would still be a part of my life twelve months on. His part in my life is greatly reduced now due to distance, but I still consider him a very important friend.

He's coming down here to visit in a couple of weeks. I've had to buy a 'grown-up' bed. Up until now I've only had a single bed. I must say that I'm rather excited about the prospect, not just of his visit, but of having a new big bed!

We're going to attempt anal again and I have also ordered a Shibari book, which should arrive in time for us to try using it's contents in our play.

Mr Good-Company has also suggested I try tying him up and using him for pleasure. I must admit that I find the prospect rather daunting. We've tried tying him up only once before, when I was much newer to this whole 'sex' game. I had absolutely no idea what to do with him! Here's hoping we have a bit more success this time.

But that will be a whole new year. As for this year? It has been amazing. It's been hard sometimes, I'm never going to deny that. Things often didn't work out as I'd hoped, but I have no regrets. I have learnt so much about myself and gained so much. I learnt about sex, I learnt about my own likes and dislikes. Most important of all I gained so much self confidence and made a wonderful friend. All I can say to this person is 'thank you'. Thank you for my amazing year full of wonderful experiences. So far this has been the best year of my life. Here's to many more.

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  1. Here's to the best of everything in the coming New Year! ;)

    ~Kazi xxx