Sunday, 18 December 2011

Is it Working?

Well, my webcam works. I tested it out with Mr Good-Company last night. Was it working? No. Due to my indredibly bad internet the picture had frozen. But when I finally managed to connect properly, things became a whole lot more entertaining.

I was quite hesitant at first. I'm going to admit that I had spent quite some time earlier in the evening figuring out how to point the camera at my 'best angle'. I think I managed.

I didn't want to show my face of course, but Mr Good-Company had no such qualms. I watched him set up his camera and sit at the end of the bed, spreading his legs and taking hold of his cock. I watched, taking hold of my vibe, which instantly lost the majority of it's power. 

You see, the first time I managed to connect my vibe still had full power, but in the 15 minutes or so when my connection failed, so did my vibe. 

I continued to enjoy what was left of my vibe before inserting one of my new dildos. I slowly began to fuck myself with it, using the vibe on my clit before switching to my fingers. All the while watching Mr Good-Company.

I came, and continued to gently rub myself. I watched Mr Good-Company walk towards the screen. I watched his cock, and he began to type:

Mr Good-Company: fuck it hard
Mr Good-Company: i m gonnna cum watching u
Jess Carlson: nice
Mr Good-Company: i came real hard
Jess Carlson: i could see
Jess Carlson: i did twice, my vibe died halfway thru lol
Mr Good-Company: i think i could go another quick go
Mr Good-Company: i love to hear you
Jess Carlson: oh really?
Mr Good-Company: yeah
Jess Carlson: well it's one of the benifits of living alone
Mr Good-Company: hehe id moan loud but not living alone
Jess Carlson: i know lol

So we had another go. I picked a new vibe. The orange one I at bought at Sexpo. 'Big Boss' it's called on the box. I just call it the orange one. This one was at full charge and I soon found myself cuming again. Moaning all the while...

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