Thursday, 15 December 2011

Missed Privilege

Now I've been in a bit of a writing mood lately but due to a busy schedule and general tiredness I've found that at the end of the day I just couldn't be bothered putting that thinking cap on. But tonight I did. Now I generally don't write stories with the pleasure of anyone but myself in mind, but tonight I was thinking of Mr Good-Company so I wrote with him in mind. I offered to share it with him first, but now he has missed out on the privilege. I'm going to continue to refine this, but here's the story so far:

You walk into the room and walk straight over to the bed. I watch as you undress, pulling your shirt over your head and sliding your jeans down past your hips and to the ground. You're hard already. As I walk towards the bed I continue to watch you're erection, it fascinates me.

I sit down beside you and you kiss me hard against my mouth, sliding your hand up under my skirt and between my legs as you do. I gasp as your fingers brush past my clit. As I reach out my hand to your leg, to your cock, you continue to rub your hand between my thighs. Brushing my clit, reaching inside of me and back to my clit.

I begin to moan, pushing my mouth hard against yours. Your fingers begin to stroke my pussy harder and faster. You pause for a moment, reaching up to remove my bra and shirt. The moment my breasts are free you're mouth seeks out one of my nipples. As you hold it up to your mouth and flick your tongue against it in a quick succession of little movements, you're other hand finds it's way back between my legs. Back to my clit, back to my pussy.

I feel you bite my nipples, the pain quickly intensifying as you switch between the two. You're rubbing and stroking my pussy faster and harder and I begin to moan. I feel my orgasm begin to build as I move your mouth back to mine. I'm moaning now. What you're doing between my legs feels so good!

I can't concentrate on kissing any more, though my face remains close to yours. My breath comes in gasps. Your fingers move faster. I feel my muscles clench as I push my body down onto your hand, coming hard against it.

I rest my head against your shoulder for a moment, until I hear a voice in my ear.

'Suck my cock'.

I look up at you and grin.

I begin to rub my had gently against your balls as I take your shaft into my mouth. I gently flick my tongue over your knob and then I begin to suck.

I keep rubbing your balls as I tighten my mouth over your cock and slowly begin to slide more of it inside of me, filling my mouth. As I begin to move my mouth up and down your shaft I move my fingers lower, rubbing the spot just behind your balls

Each time I move my head, I tease your shaft with my tongue, flicking and licking

'Lick my balls'.

I stop and instead begin to rub my hand up and down your cock as I move my mouth further south. I start licking your balls, small strokes and long as I continue moving my hand up and down your cock. Moving my head again I press firmly with my tongue behind your balls, rubbing the tip of your cock with my hand

You groan as I do so and pull my head back towards your cock

I flick the tip of your cock with my tongue, tasting your precum before I take all of you into my mouth. Pressing down, my lips flush against the base of your cock, I feel you at the back of my throat

I move up and down slowly before I feel your hands take hold of my head. You move my head up and down You begin to thrust into me, each time your cock hitting the back of my throat. 

I begin to groan slightly as you move my head faster and faster. I know that you're close now.

You're moving my head as fast as it could possibly go now, the gaps between when your cock hits the back of my throat are shorter and shorter.

With one final thrust you push my head right down, my lips flush against the base of your cock. I hear you groan and I feel your cock spasm in my mouth.

You continue to groan as my mouth fills with cum. I swallow and your cock spasms again, filling my mouth with cum once more.

You hold my head there for a few seconds once you're finished. When you remove you hands from my head I sit up, lick the last of your moisture from my lips and grin.

Now I'm sure there's a bit more editing to done there, or a few details that might be simply incorrect from a guys perspective. Since my usual male editor (not Mr Good-Company) has recently pulled a disappearing act, I would very much appreciate it if any of male readers out there could provide me with and feedback on that aspect of things and just any feedback in general would be awesome. Thanks for reading folks!

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  1. i saw your post on fet asking for feedback and thought i'd come visit your blog. Gosh, it looks like you've been blogging almost a year now - cool!

    On fet, you asked for feedback on your story. i've been roaming around your blog a little bit, and one thing struck me - you've written a description of a similar scene between you and Mr. Good-Company in the post before this one - at least, i guess that's real life?

    In any case, your description there seemed more vivid and intense to me.. For what it's worth. This one seems accurate and descriptive but the other seems more real.

    Looking forward to reading more...