Monday, 13 June 2011

Warning: Potential Mind Dump

I'm feeling a little bit down ion the dumps today, so I think I'll just warn you all that this is probably be going to be a little bit of a 'mind-dump' post.

Why am I down in the dumps you ask? The answer is quite simple. Life. It just feels as if nothing is going my way of late. My car is misbehaving in what is sure to be an expensive way. My weight loss efforts seem to have hit a bit of a speed hump lately, though the amount of McDonalds that I've eaten lately really wouldn't have helped things. McDonalds probably isn't helping my state of mind either, all those processed bits and pieces are probably playing with my 'happy chemicals'.

I'm also not receiving as much attention from Mr Good-Company as I was in the beginning. We used to meet up about once a week and of late it's more likely to be about once a month. While of course I am aware that Mr Good-Company does have his own life, I will admit that I do miss the frequency of our 'play dates'.

I'm also finding that I'm missing Anita a little bit more than I expected. When we first left school we lived together for nearly 12 months before she left for Uni. She recently came to stay with me again, taking up residence in my spare bedroom for a grand total of six weeks whilst she was on placement at the local hospital. I will admit that when we first lived together, within six months we were each planning the others funeral, so frustrated we were with each others living habits. I never thought I would want to share a place with her again. How wrong was I!

Anita was actually pretty good company. I know she's my best friend, but it's a bit different living with someone than it is just going shopping and out for coffee together. We talk about mundane stuff and have the same conversations we've had a million times before. It's just comfortable.

Last night I was just sitting on the couch doing what I usually do and talking to random people online, when I received a text message asking 'How do manage to live alone? I've been here by myself since Friday (2 days) and I think I'm going crazy.' This just cracked me up, as when she was staying with me she took great delight in the fact that I'd become slightly more 'kooky' since living alone. My reply was 'I just talk to the frozen veg. As long as they don't start talking back, then you're still sane'.

We continued on that track for some time before the conversation trailed off. Then just as was going to bed, I received a new message that really confirmed that Anita and I may have already spent too much time together. It said 'Is it bedtime yet?' which of course it was. Maybe it's a good thing we don't live together. We'd probably end up speaking the same thing at the same time. We can already look at the other and know what sarcastic or silly comment the other is going to make.

We went too the zoo not to long ago, as we entered the elephant section we walked past these two elephant statues, each about a metre high. Anita just looked at me. I cracked up laughing and just said 'No'. Anita also started to laugh. Just to confirm that I'd been on the right track I asked 'You were going to suggest pretending to ride one of those things weren't you?' I was right of course. I usually am when it comes to Anita.

The worst thing about our friendship is that she lives so far away, with that distance sure to increase when she begins her intern ship next year. At the moment it's a distance of four hours between us and one hour if she' staying at her parents. But due to the fact that hospitals interstate pay more than our charming ones, she will be looking at trying to work at one of those instead, taking her even further away from me. But despite that, I do of course wish her well.

Well I'm still feeling a bit sad, I just sort of wish that thing would go my way a little bit more often then they do. But I suppose this is just another one of those 'well that's life' moments which everyone receives a dose of sometimes. I'm just hoping that my dose is nearly up.

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