Saturday, 25 June 2011

Whoops-a-daisy! The loss of my virginity.

I have been playing with myself for such a long time that can't remember precisely when my hymen was broken. I remember no pain and no blood, but despite all that, I now consider Thursday the 23 of June, 2011 as the day I lost my virginity.

I lost my virginity to Mr Good-Company of course. Those of you who have read this blog from its beginnings will know that this is something I never intended to happen, fearing that sex would only heighten the attachment I have for my friend. But in the typical, blundering style of Jess Carlson, I managed to have sex by accident.

I had again been doing some online shopping so I had gone over to Mr Good-Company's with a selection of toys. We began as usual, fooling around on the couch for a bit before heading to the bedroom. By the time I took my toys from my bag and made it to the bedroom, Mr Good-Company had already removed his clothes and was lying on the bed waiting for me. He very quickly helped me out of my clothes before starting once again to kiss me and rub my clit.

After making use of a little bit of lube, Mr Good-Company proceeded to fuck me with one of my new toys, a pink, glittery, vibrating dildo. Whilst he was doing this he began to bite me and I began to stroke his cock. We continued to do this, him biting me, kissing me and sucking on my clit, myself stroking him, until I eventually came.

After a little bit of rearranging, Mr Good-Company positioned himself on top of me and began to rub his cock over my clit, at the same time using his body to hold the dildo inside of me. At some point the dildo slipped out though due to the fact that our activities were having the desired effect without it, we continued rubbing against each other.

Then something 'slipped', I think it took both of us a few seconds to realise what had happened, but we both paused and Mr Good-Company said 'Wait a moment, am I inside you?' with which I replied 'I think so' and then proceeded to crack up laughing.

After 6 months of fooling around we were finally having sex. By accident. I figured that there wasn't really much point in not continuing since I was obviously no longer a virgin, so Mr Good-Company put a condom on and continued to fuck me.

After a few moments Mr Good-Company inserted a smaller vibe as well, which, needless to say, felt rather nice. It felt even nicer when I asked him to place it on my clit, at the same time as feeling the vibe I was also feeling Mr Good-Company inside of me. Though obviously it was a similar sensation as using one of my toys (without the vibrating obviously) it felt much nicer simply because of knowing that it was my friend inside me and not just some toy.

I didn't come my first time, but it was an enjoyable experience anyway. I being me, was of coursed eager for round two, but unfortunately Mr Good-Company due to having a job that involves more than blowing up balloons was way to tired. Needless to say, I am very much looking forward to the next time we meet up.

By the time I arrived back home that evening I think that some form of mental shock had set in. Having sex with Mr Good-Company was something I had never planned to do. I prefer to be in charge of all major decisions regarding my body but due to accidental 'slippage' the rather large choice of who I lost my virginity too had been taken from me.

Mr Good-Company assures me that it was indeed an accident and I have no reason to disbelieve him. If he ever intended to force or trick me into having sex with him he certainly had many opportunities before now. Apparently the first thought that went through his mind when he realised he was inside me was 'whoops'. I must admit my first thought wasn't even remotely similar, being more along the lines of 'well there's not much point in stopping now'.

About 24 hours later events really started to sink in though. I had accidentally lost my virginity and to add to the drama I had also found out that Mr Good-Company was moving away in two months. These two facts led to a fairly major 'have a sook' session. I even rang my mother, giving her a rough outline of what had happened over the last 6 months. Though rather disappointingly, instead of giving me the verbal hug that I was craving, she did tell me that to Mr Good-Company I was just another notch on his bedpost. Though to be fair, I think she did pretty well, especially considering the fact that she'd just found out her first born child was having sex with someone she'd met on the internet. She actually encouraged me to find a new friend, though hopefully my next 'friend' would return any feelings I had.

Now, roughly 48 hours after I lost my virginity, I am once again seeing it in a positive and sightly humorous way. I lost my virginity to a good friend, someone who I have obviously trusted for quite some time. It wasn't awkward or embarrassing, just a natural progression to what we were already doing. We weren't caught in the back-seat of a car and neither were we so un-prepared that we have to worry about STI's or unwanted pregnancy  As I mentioned before, I now even find it quite funny. I managed to have sex entirely by accident, laughing as we both realised what was happening. Though not the 'ideal' way to lose my virginity, I am certainly more than happy to accept it the way it happened. At least in the future I'll actually know what I'm talking about when I tell my kids to 'be prepared'. To use the old cliche, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

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