Saturday, 18 June 2011

Fluttery Little Fingers

I seem to have developed a love for online shopping. I think that it began with the purchase of my dildo and escalated when I bought that first short lived vibrator. On Thursday a couple of new toys arrived. I had bought a couple of glass vibrators, mainly because they were aesthetically blessed. To top off their good looks they also came in the loveliest little boxes. I am the first to admit that I am a whore for good packaging. These toys had certainly managed to do very well in that department, easily outdoing the packaging of my previous purchases.

I couldn't wait to test out my new toys, but there was one little hurdle I had to overcome first. I didn't have the correct sized batteries! Of course this happened during a time when I was without a car, so it meant I had to walk down to the supermarket for the second time that day. When I arrived back home, my Facebook was flashing at me, saying that Mr Good-Company had messaged me. I had sent him a picture earlier that day of one of my breasts, saying that I wanted him to bite me. It seemed that this had gone down well.

Later that night I went over to Mr Good-Company's, bringing with me my new toys, my camera, my dildo, lube and a rather belated birthday present for him. After watching a few episodes of Doctor Who our minds turned to less 'PG' activities and we moved into Mr Good-Company's bedroom

We began by figuring out my new toys, one of which has the rather humorous ability to flash light in time with the vibrations. After figuring out the toys and the camera it was time to remove the rest of our clothing, with Mr Good Company taking a photo of my bra clad chest as soon as my shirt was removed.

With myself sitting between his legs, leaning my back against his chest, Mr Good Company began to put my first toy, the pink g-spot stimulator, to work. After he had used that vibrator for a while, Mr Good-Company began with the second, before rearranging us so that we were once again in the 69 position with himself on top of me, his cock in my mouth, his mouth on my clit and a vibe in my pussy. After I came the dildo once again became involved and things fast began to lead toward my latest curiosity, fisting.

During the week and a half since the first attempt I had constantly felt that I might change my mind, that I might back away, that the pain was just too much. I think that this fear developed from how spaced out I was that first time. I don't like losing control like that, not being able to speak, not knowing that I was screaming, not knowing what exactly Mr Good-Company was doing. It had me rather freaked out.

But I still wanted to try it again. I don't believe in knuckling under because of a first less-than-ideal experience. Starting off with the dildo as he had the first time, Mr Good-Company then made the switch to fingers and then hand.

This time I was much more conscious of what was happening. I could feel when Mr Good-Company began to use just his hand. I could feel him rotating his hand at the wrist, sliding his hand further and further inside of me. I could also feel the most pleasant new sensation, one that gave me hope that eventually these attempts could lead to more pleasure than pain.

I could feel the strangest little fluttery movements deep inside me. I made the vague assumption that this was Mr Good-Company moving his fingers, but I wasn't sure until I later asked him if this was the case. I assume it was such an odd feeling only because I'm not used to feeling things move that deep inside of me. When being fingered obviously the movement is much closer to the entrance and also a different kind of movement. This little fluttery movement felt so pleasant, I imagine if it had continued for a bit longer and if I hadn't been in so much pain then I would have come quite hard from it.

While all of this was happening I had my hands holding tightly onto the arm that was working it's way inside of me, doing my thing of squeezing hard when I needed a moments rest. I really wanted to do it this time, we were so close, but in the end the pain was just too much. I found my voice and said that was enough for now.

When Mr Good-Company returned from washing the lube of his hand he said that there was a little bit of blood. He followed this by saying 'I think I broke you' with which he opened my legs and peered between my thighs. I cracked up laughing and replied with 'Well maybe I finally lost my virginity' to which his response was laughter and the comment that I had lost my virginity to a purple dildo.

After continuing with a bit more fun, Mr Good-Company using one of my vibes on his balls while I went down on him, we put our clothes back on and looked through the photos that had been taken over the course of the evening. I found it useful having photographic evidence of how far we had gone with the fisting. Unless my hand is right down there on his I can't tell how much I have taken, knowing only from the pain that it must be quite some amount. I was quite pleased with how several of the photo's turned out and I once again put them up on the fetish chat site.

When I returned home I came to the conclusion that Mr Good-Company and I had differing opinions on what is considered to be 'a little' blood. Though there was more than I had expected from his description, it certainly wasn't enough to cause me any concern. It continued bleed for about for about 45 minutes and it gradually came to a complete stop over the next 24 hours. After doing a bit of online research I came to the conclusion that the bleeding had probably resulted from a small, internal scratch that must have been caused during the fisting. As it remains a reasonable explanation, I have absolutely no concerns regarding it.

This time I have not attempted to masturbate at all so soon afterwards. The fact that I feel more bruised this time combined with the bleeding tends to suggest that it may be a good idea to give my body some healing time. The only annoying thing about this healing time is that I would really quite like to take my new toys for a drive myself, but I suppose in the long run, being fully healed will make it a much more pleasurable experience.

I'm very much looking forward to the next fisting attempt. Despite the bleeding and despite the fact that I still screamed a bit at the end, feeling those little fluttery finger movements has made me see just a little bit of the potential fun to be had from this. I'm a determined lass, I want to see just what can be achieved. As they say, third time's a charm.

My two new toys came with the added bonus of pretty packaging.

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