Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Back to the story so far... and Jess gives her first Hand-job

Hmm, now so far in the story I still had the whole shy thing going. I was still very nervous around Mr Good-Company. I am, in general, not very good at relaxing around people, various things in my life have made me quite wary. 

Nearly each time Mr Good-Company and I met up he had 'serviced' me, yet I had done nothing for him. He had asked me if I wanted touch him, and I did want to. I was just scared/nervous/shy, I'm really not sure which. Perhaps it was a mix of all three. I'm not exactly sure why I felt this way, I mean the guy had seen me naked! What's left to be shy about after that? 

I now put my nervousness down to my absolute inexperience. Up until the point that I did eventually touch him, the only naked guy I had seen was the poor guy in a life-drawing class I once did. Even then I'm pretty sure I went bright red with embarrassment and there was a distinct lack of detail in the groin region of my otherwise fantastic drawing.

As he had on other evenings Mr Good-Company asked 'would you like to touch me?'. This time instead of saying 'no' my reply was 'Yes, but I don't know what to do'. 

Mr Good-Company then took my hand and placed it on his groin. I started to move my hand over his cock. Mr Good-Company soon stopped me and said 'It might be easier if I take these off' and he removed his pants. Mr Good-Company then placed my hand back onto his erect penis and began to move my hand up and down.

Needless to say this was the first time I had ever given anyone a hand-job. Unfortunately I can't really describe what it felt like. I can remember thinking at the time 'I can't believe that I'm doing this'. Mr Good-Company eventually let go of my hand and let me continue on my own. He put his hand back on mine when he was near cuming as my hand was apparently not moving fast enough.

I actually quite liked doing it, though I'm not sure what I had expected. I really enjoyed the sound and look of bliss on his face when he did cum. 

I was also loving the human contact, I think that was a large part of Mr Good-Company's appeal. I had never had anyone touch me in the way that he did, I had never been kissed or even had a member of the opposite sex hold my hand. Even in normal, day-to-day family life I do not receive hugs and kisses from parents or siblings. The only time that I receive such things is when relatives come to visit and they do the usual 'nice to see you' hug and kiss routine, and these times only occur perhaps once a year. 

My fear regarding mine and Mr Good-Company's arrangement is that when it ends I will now know what I am missing out on.  As much as I am really enjoying this experiment am glad I decided to give it a try, there is still that fear that perhaps ignorance truly is bliss.

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