Sunday, 27 February 2011

Blabber Mouth!

Now when I was first thinking about starting this blog, I had every intention of keeping it secret, however, things didn't quite work out that way...

The first person I told was one of the people most important people to me, Anita, my best friend. I've been keeping her quite entertained with my activities over the past two months. A little while ago I quizzed her as to whether any of this, the online dating and the friends with benefits thing, was something she ever would have expected of me. To my surprise she answered 'yes' to the online dating and 'no' to the friends with benefits.

I had been hoping that I'd surprised her with both of these activities, but unfortunately not. However I suppose it is very hard to surprise someone who you've known for seven years and who pretty much knows you as well as you do yourself. I did, I am pleased to say (sort off) manage to surprise her the other night, apparently after a couple of drinks I do become very chatty. I was asking her about bondage and if she'd ever tried anything kinky, she managed to avoid answering both questions. Knowing my friend as well as I do, I tend to think the answer would have been 'no' anyway.

I also told her about my activities earlier that evening. I told her how I'd always wanted to be tied up and how much fun It had been to give it a go. I also mentioned the rough play and the bruises I was expecting to show up the next day. Her reply (this conversation was being conducted via Facebook chat) was 'Jess, Jess, Jess. No, no, no! TMI! TMI! TMI! (to much information)'. I did of course apologise for over-sharing, as both those facts definitely do fall under the category of  'TMI'. Being my best friend, of course she forgave me.

The next person I told about this blog and my rope based activities was my neighbour, Ally. I wouldn't really call us friends, I just don't really like her that much but we do have some pretty fun conversations every now and then. She's been feeling pretty down this past week since breaking up with her long term boyfriend and I really didn't know what to say as a break-up is something that I've never been through. I just wanted to make her laugh, when you're sad, a good laugh can just make you feel so much better. So I told her about this blog and my other more 'interesting' activities. She did laugh. That made me feel good. I don't really care if she tells her mates what I said, I'm not part of their social circle, so they can laugh at me too if they want to. That said my efforts at cheering up Ally were well and truly outdone by my other, older neighbour.

He'd had a very good night out and when he and his lady friend came back Ally and I were still sitting out outside on the steps talking. We heard him coming from a block away. On his way to his place he discovered that our recently resurfaced pavement makes a fantastic dance floor. He then proceeded to dance for us. This is a man in his mid 50's, about 5 foot 6 with a rather large beer belly swaying his hips and shaking his ass to the deep voice of Johnny Cash, occasionally singing along. It was bloody hilarious! His activities kept us entertained for around 90 minutes. But boy was he complaining of a massive hangover when I spoke to him this afternoon.

The other people who know about this blog are some of the guys themselves. Only one has been allowed to read it (he winged so much that I finally gave in) hopefully he will write something for this blog eventually. I'm quite sure that some of the others would not be very happy with what I've said about them, so they certainly won't being seeing what I've written. I believe I have also mentioned on Facebook that I started a new blog, but I sure as hell haven't mentioned it's subject matter.

I'm certainly not planning on informing any more people of this blog or the activities talked about within it. The more people who know, the less of a secret it becomes and the more danger there is of being caught. That said, I'm really enjoying the fact that this blog isn't something that the people who know me would expect of me. I'm having fun jumping out of the box that these people have put me in.

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