Monday, 21 February 2011

The Next Few Days

On the next occasion that Mr Good-Company we met it wasn't quite as planned as our drink at the pub, not that was planned very long in advance either. We were having a conversation on msn which I am unable to clearly recall though I do remember it became quite flirty. It was on either this occasion or our next meeting that I asked Mr Good-Company if he would 'like a visitor'. Of course he said yes.

I went over to his place and we began watching a movie, 'Tomorrow when the War began'. Needless to say our movie watching soon turned to more couch based activities. Again my shirt and bra made their way to the floor as did his shirt. After more touching (hesitantly on my part) he undid my jeans. I didn't stop him.

I will point out that I have engaging in some very self-satisfying activities for many years. Needless to say, this was the first time those activities were being carried out by somebody else's hands. Mr Good-Company turned out to be quite good with those hands, I was having a fantastic time on his couch.

He then asked me something that I had not been expecting, he wanted to know if he could go down on me. Still in a state of mild shock from all the new experiences, I just nodded. Well, This was another completely new sensation! It doesn't seem to get me off as much as having Mr Good-Company's fingers inside me, I did turn out to really enjoy it. Possibly for just for the sheer naughtiness of seeing his head between my legs. It was at some point when he raised his head that I mentioned my virginity and that he was my first kiss.

We continued with these activities throughout the movie and after its ending until I left. Two days later when I again went to his place we repeated these activities.

Though I don't really want to talk about this, because it does make me feel a little sad, I suppose I should point out what I was feeling emotionally and not just in the physical sense. I was really, really liking the company of Mr Good-Company. I was absolutely giddy with these feelings. I did really want him to be my boyfriend.

Despite the fact that this bit will be out of order, I will tell you how that worked out. After about two weeks and I started to wonder where things were going. I really liked this guy. I sent him a text message the next day asking where this thing we had was going. He replied with 'I thought this was something casual'. I was devastated. I replied with 'I think I like you a bit to much for that'. I then essentially decided to stop seeing him.

But this decision didn't sit well. Yes, I was sad that my hopes had been dashed, but I was also sad because now I also knew how good human contact felt. I rarely came across human contact of any sort and Mr Good-Company's touch felt so good. That evening I began a new conversation with him on msn. Long story short, I decided that I would think about the idea of us being 'friends with benefits'. Some benefits that is, I wasn't going to sleep with him. By the next day, I had decided to give it a go.

Stay tuned, more tales of myself and Mr Good-Company will be up soon. This meanwhile concludes the tale of how I found myself completely naked in front of a guy (or anyone since I hit puberty) for the first time.

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