Saturday, 19 February 2011

In the Beginning...

In the beginning there was a sad and lonely called Jess. Jess had been extremely overweight throughout all of her teen years. She had next to no confidence and was virtually a recluse. She didn't go out, she hardly ever spoke to her friends and had certainly never dated,had a boyfriend or had even been kissed.

Then a miracle occurred. Through exercise and healthy eating, Jess lost 40kgs and is still losing weight now. She started to feel good about herself and this led to a small growth in her self-confidence. Though she still doesn't go out much (or hardly at all) Jess is making honest contact with her friends again and she bravely stepped into the world of online dating...

I am Jess. I had tried online dating sites before but had never even talked (online) to any of the people I contacted. I probably wouldn't have started a conversation with anyone this time either, but then someone started talking to me. But that's another blog post altogether.

In this blog I am going to tell you about both my cautious and not-so cautious forays into the worlds of both online dating and dating in general (the second of which I currently have no experience with). I will try my best to spare no detail, intimate or otherwise. I  may even try my hand at writing a naughty story or two.

I plan to have fun (in more ways than one) coming up with the material for this blog. You dear readers will have the honour of sharing the ups and downs of my journey. I hope that I manage to provide you with some entertainment in the process

Note: I have many more posts to come that will fill you in on my activities thus far. Enjoy!

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