Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Friends with Benifits minus Sex

Now let me explain to you how mine and Mr Good-Company's friends with benefits arrangement works. We are both able to see other people, I do believe he has this arrangement (only with sex) with other women. As I am a virgin, our arrangement doesn't involve sex.

For me this arrangement is quite hard at times as I fairly quickly developed feelings for Mr Good-Company. I find that I become quite jealous at times, though such is my mindset I give myself a damn good talking to when I get like this. In spite of receiving a good telling off I do upon occasion end up in the angriest, and saddest mood. That said, despite the fact that I still like him, I do believe my attachment has lessened (slightly) since we first met. This is due mainly to one night stand that Mr Good-Company had.

Mr Good-Company, after flirting with me via MSN and text, went to a party and then hooked up with a girl at the pub. They then went and spent the night and apparently the day having a fantastic time. Mr Good-Company found that he quite liked this girl. He told all of this to me and warned me that he may soon be 'un-single'. For this I am thankful, as I had quite recently decided to sleep with him, choosing to lose my virginity to a fuck-buddy. It was probably due us talking about this that he informed me of his potential to be 'un-single'. Needless to say, I retracted my decision to sleep with him.

The fact that Mr Good-Company did not lie to me about his situation, just so he could sleep with me, convinces me of the fact that he is a decent person. Though knowing he was a decent person did not help in regards to knowing that I may soon have to give up our sexual friendship, even if the friendship, in the normal sense of the word did survive the change of circumstances.

Sure enough Mr Good-Company had a date with One Night Stand Girl and he informed that he was un-single. I was sad of course, but I think I managed to seem pleased for him, this conversation was conducted via msn so it was easy to hide how I was upset I was. Though as much as I was upset, I wasn't as upset as I had expected to be. I think having that advance warning helped to ease me into this new situation.

Of course all of this happened just before valentines day. I was dreading having to spend the night at home alone watching Sleepless in Seattle and eating chocolate. Thankfully I was called into work (I am a dishwasher by evening and cleaner in the morning) though this wasn't the perfect distraction as of course the restaurant was going with a valentines day theme. So after work I went and bought a bottle of wine and hoped to make myself blind drunk. Unfortunately I'm not much of a drinker and don't really like wine, so after one drink I was done and still mostly sober.

The next day Mr Good-Company began an MSN conversation with me, asking what was happening with the guy (Mr 1984) I'd had a date with on Friday (but that's another story). After explaining that nothing was happening yet, though Mr 1984 certainly seemed keen, I asked Mr Good-Company how his valentines day had been, even though I didn't really want to know. With him being un-single and all I had expected an interesting answer. The reply I received was 'Shit'.

I was elated. We quickly established that 'Friends with Benefits' was back on. I went over to his place with my toy (a purple dong) and Mr Good-Company mad me orgasm multiple times, and I him. As far as I'm concerned, it was a fun evening.

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