Friday, 25 February 2011

Introducing the Main Offenders

Let me introduce you to the few people I have actually met (in person) and those with whom contact exists only online. There are many other random 'offenders', but they are exactly that: slightly offensive (in a flattering sort of way). By this I mean they start of the conversation with "Hey sexy, want to meet up?'. Call me crazy if you like, but I just don't go for that. I'm quite happy to be called sexy (I'm a sucker for flattery), but wait until you've known me longer than it takes to accept a contact request. As for meeting up, I'm happy to do that, but not until I've several decent conversations with you and it certainly ain't gonna happen if you start with 'Hey sexy, wanna meet up?'.

Mr Good Company: As you may be aware, Mr Good Company was the both the first person I spoke to online and the first person I actually met up with. He is 22 years old and from Melbourne. On the dating site he lists his interests as 'beach, anime, writing, indoor soccer, monopoly, camping, generally rocking out, going out, music and reading'. I've already wrote bits and pieces about Mr Good Company, so onto the next offender!

Mr 1984: Mr 1984 is the second person I met up with in person. He is 26 years old and lives about 90 minutes out of town. I was rather hesitant about meeting him as we had only had the briefest online chats and exchanged a few texts. But I was in a bit of a 'why the fuck not?' mood so I agreed. That said I did try to back out the next day but since he was already in town I felt guilty so I met up with him anyway. We met up for coffee and just talked for a couple hours. He's a friendly enough guy and we just talked about random things such as work and movies. But after the first hour I was looking to do a runner. I'm not sure if it was my anxiety disorder kicking in as I was in the process of switching medications, or that I just didn't like him that much. In the end I made up some excuse about having to meet my mother and I bolted.

This guy certainly seems keen, his facebook status later that evening was along the lines of 'I met an awesome chick in town today', I am of course assuming that he meant myself. He also went out and watched/listened to movies and music I had mentioned liking. When I found this out I couldn't help but think 'this is a bit much isn't it?'. Due to my thinking that the reason I bolted was due to being under-medicated I decided to give him a second chance when he asked, via some comments on a facebook status I had posted, to meet up again.

Since I had no idea what you do when meeting someone during daylight hours in this town, I suggested watching a movie at my place. He showed up and we again talked the whole time throughout the movie (Sweeny Todd) and continued to talk as it played through again. This time (and again medicated) I knew why I had done a runner. Despite this guys friendliness and an almost puppy dog like need to please, I found him boring. He never disagreed with anything that I said and he didn't seem to have any real opinions of his own. Perhaps I have a high opinion of my own intelligence, but talking to this guy felt rather like talking to a 16 year old with a crush on you. Call me nuts if you like, but I like people with a fairly dominate personality. I like people that I can have a friendly debate with, people who are able to engage me in at least a moderatley intelligent conversation. Mr 1984 just wasn't that person.

I still remain friends with him on facebook, I know from his status updates that he is still watching through my favourite shows, but I am certainly less than keen to meet up with him in person again.

SNAG: I have never met SNAG. He is 24 years old and also lives about 90 minutes out of town. On the dating site he lists his interests as 'anime, table top role-play games, computers, technology, writing, martial arts, video games, audio books, spiritual readings, energy stone work, Doctor Who, professional wrestling - TNA, cooking, gaming, movies and music'.

SNAG and I have had many long MSN conversations, mainly playing what I call 'The Random Question Game'. This game involves each player taking turns to ask the other a random question. Both players must answer each question and answer honestly. If they deem there is a reason they don't wish to answer they can answer with an alternative, thought still honest, answer. From playing this game, SNAG comes across as a kind and quite sensitive guy. He is easy to talk to and generally responds quite promptly. He appears to be a fairly intelligent sort and is not afraid to state a differing opinion.

For some reason, in my mind anyway, he somehow fell straight into the 'friend' box. I'm not sure if it's my own weird vanity, let me explain that a bit further here: I am very tall, I generally don't mind this apart from the fact that I tend to go more for guys who are taller than me rather than shorter, perhaps it's a case of wanting that feeling of male dominance. SNAG is 4 inches shorter than me and that does seem to make him less attractive physically despite the fact that he is a fairly good looking guy.

The Shy Guy: Again, I never actually met The Shy Guy, but only had online conversations with him. He is 23 years old, a dairy farmer (in my head I can hear my mothers voice repeating the oft heard refrain of 'never marry a dairy farmer') and he lists his interests as 'movies, music, reading, cars and motoring'.

As his name suggests, it is very hard to have a conversation with The Shy Guy  He never volunteers information or talks about himself unless you directly ask him a question. I must admit I find this quite frustrating, as much as I do enjoy talking about myself, that is a very one sided conversation. I've tried to talk to him about his interests, but again, unless you ask him a direct question, you're just not going anywhere!

Due to this feeling of going nowhere, I am finding myself less and less keen to talk to him and then (I'm being rather petty now) there is the fact that he just disappears from being online. We'll be in the middle of one of these one-sided conversation and then he's just gone. Along with being on the receiving end of the silent treatment another one of my pet hates is people just disappearing in the middle of online conversations. At least say 'bye', there is never a reason for a lack of plain old politeness (unless it's the fault of a dodgy internet connection). But I'm just not sure. There's something about him.

Well, excluding various random 'way too soon for that' type conversations, that rounds up my stable of online friends. I keep hoping to make a few more, but this town seems to have a distinct lack of males (online anyway) who fall in with my criteria. As a side-note to that I will point out that I'm trying not to be overly fussy, I will meet up with guys who are shorter than me, but one of things I do have a problem with is meeting guys younger than me or a lot older than me. The young guys remind me of my little brother and I do have my suspicions regarding their level of maturity. As for the older guys they're just a little bit to old for me. There does seem to be few guys signed up to online dating in the 21-27 year age bracket. I suppose they're at the pub instead. Perhaps I'll end up there too one day. You never know what's going to happen in the future after all.

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