Saturday, 12 March 2011

A Double D Sized Solution

When I set myself the challenge of finding myself dirty chat conversations last weekend the main hurdle I would come across was that the guys I was talking to wanted to have video chats or at least see naughty pictures. Cam chats are something I don't like the idea of, as far as I'm concerned its an absolute 'Nuh'. But after thinking about it for a little while I decided I was okay with the idea of sending pictures.

I was well aware that the guys wanted naked pictures, but that's not what they were going to receive. I'm okay with sending cleavage shots but not nude ones or ones of me in just my underwear. So cleavage shots is what I sent them. Thankfully for me (and I guess them) I've never had any problems in the boob department. Apart from small fluctuations due to weight gain and loss, I have always been more than a handful with my double D sized breasts.

So I arranged my breasts so they looked really good, undid a few buttons on my shirt and spent some time with my camera. I have to say, I think that they turned out pretty well. I certainly received no complaints from those I sent the pictures too, I even received some in return. Now receiving pictures of random hard ons doesn't turn me on, but I have certainly found that they're good for a laugh. Perhaps I'll start a collection...

I decided it would just be mean to put the photo's I received from the guys online, but I certainly have permission to put one of my own up. I'm pretty pleased with this one, so here you go!

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