Monday, 7 March 2011

On Call

Now over the last several days, during the multitude of chat conversations I have been maintaining, I have been repeatedly asked to share my number (and been growing a rather big head from all the compliments). How exactly am I supposed to decide when to give that information? How do I make the call whether or not it's a good idea to actually give that particular person my number?

Before this weekend I have twice given out my number, to Mr Good-Company and to Mr 1984, who luckily for me both turned out to be normal enough folks. This weekend I passed out my number twice more, after fairly lengthy conversations with both guys. It was requested by others many more times, sometimes even right after 'hello'. Both guys I gave my number to seemed like genuinely nice people. In the end one guy sure wasn't, with the other just being waaaaay to over the top with his friendliness.

Snowy was the first guy I gave my number too. We probably hadn't chatted for too long but he really did seem like a nice normal guy. Until he promptly rang me for phone sex. Not cool dude. I was annoyed, but as a bit of an experiment I figured I'd listen to him for a bit and see if it turned me on. It didn't. Firstly I could hardly hear a word the guy was saying, it seriously sounded all muffled like he was hiding under his bed sheets or something. Secondly there is something distinctly off putting about being only able to hear heavy breathing coming down the phone line.... Creepy.

I hung up and pretty much forgot about him, that is until last night. At about 4am the guy came online again and promptly started asking how last night had been for me. I ignored his messages. It felt mean to just delete him while he was online so I just kept ignoring him on both MSN and the chat site. Then he started calling me. Again and again and again. Needless to say I didn't answer. It was really pissing me off though. I hate turning my phone off but in the end that's exactly what I had to do. When I logged on today I blocked him on MSN and the chat site. Now I'm just hoping like hell that he doesn't try ringing me again tonight...

The other guy 'Aryah' is an Indian man and he was really nice to talk to online. We had this really long talk about just really random stuff and (again) he seemed like a really nice guy so we swapped numbers and continued to chat online. Towards the end of the conversation he started to talk about meeting and that started to make me a bit nervous. Call me what you will, but I'm just not keen on meeting people after one chat. It was bedtime anyway so I tactfully (I hope) avoided the topic and signed off for the evening.

The next day the text messages started. They were never lewd or dirty, in fact they just started off nice and friendly which was cool. Then the guy started talking about how seeing couples together made him feel so sad to be single and then he moved on to even more cloyingly sweet topics and started talking about 'true love'. Now hold your horses there a bit buddy and just calm down.  How the hell can someone start talking about love after one convo, and he's not the first guy who's done it either. Now I certainly like to think that I'm a lovely person, but surely no-one can fall in love that fast? I'm not sure whether to ignore this guy or not yet. I mean so far all he's done is come on a bit strong, so far he hasn't tried texting me this evening so I think I'll just wait and see what happens.

Now we're going to talk about Sheldon. I mentioned him in my last post. He wants to meet up for some 'fun' when he's in town in a couple of weeks. I didn't say no at the time, but I have decided to delete the guy from everything. He was fun the first time, probably because he was the first half-decent dirty convo I'd found, but now I just find him really offputting. In our last conversation he just kept going on and on about fucking my ass, even though I had said I find that quite a turn off. It's really is to much of a risk  meeting up with someone just for fun. That said, I really don't think it would have been something I'd have gone through with if I had agreed. Knowing me I would have backed out anyway, I know sheer common sense would have made sure of that.

In all the dirty conversations I have found this weekend the one thing they all have in common is the guys saying how much they would love to cum all over my breasts, in some cases have me rub it in then lick it off. I had to think about this for a while and all I could come up with is that guys are just like animals marking their territory with this request. I asked Mr Good-Company about this fantasy and he also had the same theory, also pointing out that having a girl swallow cum is also under the same category of fantasy. Well I guess all that this shows is that men still have a fair amount of the caveman about them, but hey, there are worse things they could request I'm sure.

I'm currently planning to continue my online trawling, though I must admit I'm mostly looking for more standard 'clean' conversations now. I think I gorged myself on the dirt this weekend. I never thought I could become bored of dirty chats, but for now I think that's what I have done. I haven't even bothered to play with myself for the last couple. Me? Not playing with myself? What is the world cuming to? (kill me now for that pun please). That said some dirty chats have been much better than others Army-Dude is definitely top of the list and is always willing to chat when he's online. Shame about some of the others I've come across though...

I will continue to look for normal, clean conversations tonight though I think, I just finished another dirty one and that guy is not good at these types of chats. He kept going on about swallowing my cum, not only am I not a squirter, but that doesn't turn me on either. Anyway, I'm off to find more (hopefully) hot, decent guys to chat with. Wish me luck! Besides, if you don't, I may not have anything to talk about next time...

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