Thursday, 24 March 2011

It's that time again...

No, not THAT time, but the time when I am pretty much turned on by any slightly sexual thought that flicks its way through my little blonde head. I wrote about this enjoyable/annoying phenomenon last time it occurred, but despite being as regular as clockwork it always manages to surprise me with its arrival.

I have never been much of a fantasiser, but memories and erotica do a particularly good job of turning me on. Now erotica is pretty easy to avoid, just stay away from certain bookmarked pages on my laptop and away from a particular stack of books, trying not to remember things is as close to impossible as you can reach.

now here are some of the memories that keep flitting through my head and are keeping me in a fairly constant state of arousal:

  • Being kissed 
  • The sight of Mr Good-Company's head between my legs.
  • Him rubbing his cock against my clit until I was coming.
  • Remembering how wet I become when I'm really, really turned on.
  • Sucking on Mr Good-Company's cock whilst he fingers me.
  • The feel of his Mr Good-Company's mouth my nipples.
Well this is a rather short post, but after writing/thinking those things I do believe I need to give myself a little bit of attention...

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