Thursday, 24 March 2011


I have an intense dislike of Wednesdays. I want to say ‘hate’ but I have an intense dislike of hating things. I have a feeling about why I dislike Wednesdays but I feel rather like keeping it to myself right now.

Overall Wednesdays are no different to any other day. I wake up and will either go to the gym, work, the doctors or go shopping. It’s of an evening when for some reason Wednesdays start to pull me down. I just want company, people to talk to. For some reason I really dislike my own company of a Wednesday.

Tonight was better than my usual evening spent seeking comfort from something sweet and unhealthy. Tonight was Book Club and it was a pretty good turn-out. There were even a couple of girls closer to my own age. Usually there is about a 20 year age gap between myself and the other attendees. That said, the age gap doesn’t really bother me, after all we’re just talking about whatever book has recently received a bit of hype.

Anyway, it is now Thursday so I can only hope that today and all the days that follow run smooth and happy until the next hump-day that is Wednesday. Now since I have to be up in 5.5 hours it is now off to bed with me. Night all!

Disclaimer: This post was supposed to go up at 12.30am not 'pm', but my internet connection didn't like me so it went up later than originally intended.

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