Saturday, 5 March 2011

An Improvement of Luck

Over the last couple of days I have been continuing with my attempts to find dirty conversations. I have to say that my luck has certainly improved. I decided to create an entirely new online profile, suggesting that I like ‘interesting ;)’ conversations. It certainly seems to have worked.

Within five minutes of being online someone contacted me saying he was ‘intrigued’ by these interesting conversations. We very quickly established what I was on about and we switched over to using MSN. The conversation had only one purpose that was basically ‘fun’.

It was a good chat. The guy, we’ll call him Sheldon, actually sent me a pic of his hard on, I did consider putting it up here but I decided that was just a little bit cruel. This conversation didn’t turn me on too much, mainly because of what the guy looked like, but it certainly was entertaining.

I did however, have a much better chat later that evening (well it was actually about 5am by this point). I managed to find a guy (Army-Dude) who was only looking for casual fun, I made the suggestion of ‘cyber fun’ and he was instantly keen. I have the distinct impression that Army-Dude had done this before, and as a bonus he was moderately hot.

It was a really, really fun conversation. Army-Dude used a lot of detail and pretty much as soon as his words started appearing on my screen I found myself becoming really turned on. It was the kind of dirty conversation I like, the kind where the guy describes with at least a fair amount of detail what he would do with me. For some reason that just really turns me on.

I’ve also involved myself in finding normal conversation. I changed my search criteria to ‘anywhere in Australia’ and I’ve found myself having good conversations with some seemingly genuinely nice people. I’m actually having a lot of fun at the moment simply finding people to talk to, it makes a change from only talking to the people I already know on Facebook.

I probably actually need to give the chat site a bit of a rest, for the last two nights I haven’t logged of before 5:30 am! This morning it was 6:30am and I had to go to work straight away. When I finally dragged myself to bed at 8:30 I was out of it as soon as my head touched the pillow. I even slept through the sound of my phone going off and I never sleep through that, and it went off three times!

Anyway, this is just a quick post to keep you informed of what I’m up to at the moment. I'm have a pretty good (normal) online conversation going at the moment so I think I'll go and continue that. Night people!

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