Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Going Once! Going Twice!

This is pretty much going to be a ‘mind dump’ post. I don’t really have much to say other than further updates on my last post, and they’re really not particularly interesting updates either. I wouldn’t bother, apart from the fact my internet just disconnected me and I am now incredibly bored.

Snowy again began to call me last night. At 4am. This time I didn’t even bother to wait and see if he kept calling. I switched the phone off and went to sleep. He didn’t try calling again after that once, but I’m betting he tries again tonight. My fingers are crossed though.

My other update is in regards to Aryah. Thankfully I’ve had no more texts from him. I don’t think I recall seeing him online either. I did have a bit of a clean-up of my online contacts this evening so hopefully I deleted Aryah, I really can’t remember. But as long he stops they lovey dovey texting shit I really don’t care.

Now in reference to the title of this post, last night someone asked if my virginity was for sale. Obviously a ‘no’ to that one. Though I do remember several years ago several girls did try to sell their virginity via auction. I have been unable to discover if they actually went through with the transaction, but bids did go as high as several million dollars.

I have noticed that this is something that all of my conversations seem to have in common, whether they’re clean or dirty they all seem to swing around to the subject of my virginity. Now obviously I volunteer this information, generally after someone asks the question ‘have you been in many relationships?’ I answer no and receive the response ‘so you’re a virgin?’.

But here’s the bit that always cracks me up, the responses these guys come back with to my answer of ‘yes I’m a virgin’ is all shock, followed by statements of ‘that’s so cool’, ‘that’s sexy’ or the one I hate the most, ‘good girl’. What am I a bloody dog being praised then guys?

Are 21 year old virgins really such a rare thing? I have found out that the average age in Australia, for losing your virginity is 17.8, but have been unable to find out what percentage of that number are women. I suppose that the statements of ‘cool’ and ‘sexy’ are the guys thinking ‘yay, I’ve found myself a virgin’. I don’t bloody know really.

To be honest, I’m not even sure if I’m pleased that I’m a 21 year old virgin. I see it as a result of the way my life was before this year. Perhaps if I had been more outgoing growing up and not morbidly obese, perhaps I would have I’d have had boyfriends years ago and lost it then. Would that have been such a bad thing?

In conclusion to my mind dump I’m going to say that I hate it when people add me on the chat site but then never participate in chats. I am also going to say that this current weather we’re having is way to warm for my liking. So I am now going to sign off, find a book to read and continue lounging around in my underwear whilst drinking what is now a slightly warm bottle of apple cider. Bye bye people.

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