Saturday, 26 March 2011

Still Angry

Despite a solid 8 hours of sleep I am still quite angry. I still wish I had a dog.

It does appear that the message I received saying 'Ass to mouth is acceptable' was sent by Mr Good-Company's rather high friend. So of course now I am wondering if he even realises that I sent him any messages whatsoever.

I really have no idea what to do about being angry, it is very rare that I stay angry for this long. I figure that I have two options here; stay in bed all day (I'm still in bed right now, it's a happy place), or go to the gym and literally work my ass off. Both options come with a catch, staying bed won't make me feel better and I have a tendency to work myself to hard and hurt myself when I go to the gym while angry. But I think gym will be the option of the day as after an hour I'm already bored with my happy place.

The only hurdle now is actually dragging myself out of bed and finding some clothes... I really can't be fucked.

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