Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Dress in your glad rags people, it's time for a bitch

IN BOOMING ANNOUNCER VOICE: Welcome, welcome all! Now let me introduce you to the excuse of the evening! A rarely used excuse, dressed beautifully in red. Come on down...PMS!

I do not suffer from PMS, never have and hopefully never will, but if there's a good excuse available then I'm going to use it, and I just really want a reason to have a good bitch. Does anyone else ever feel that just having a bitch, a rant, a bloody friggen full scale temper tantrum will just make them feel so much fucking better? Or is it just me? I don't care. I'm here to bitch and rant but I hope avoid the full scale temper tantrum as there is no-one around to appreciate my efforts.

IN BOOMING ANNOUNCER VOICE: Our topic of the day... is 'the demise of social etiquette in this technological age'!

I don't mind swearing, I even partake in this enjoyable activity upon occasion especially when angry. There's not to much swearing in my everyday conversation but it really doesn't bother me to hear it in other people's either. There are many things that I'm not phased by that would have an etiquette teacher rolling in her grave. I'm not bothered by swearing, or people being excessivly drunk. I really couldn't give a fuck about people texting while in a middle of a conversation with me (most of the time). Nor do I care about the sales cashier who doesn't say a word throughout the entire transaction.

Why do I not care? I just don't. Why should I give a flying fuck if the cashier says please or thank you? Why should I care that my friend is talking to me and texting at the same time? I trust that she's listening to me at the same time. As for exseccivly drunk people, they're just bloody entertaining.

But thats not to say 'I don't care' about everything. Three things that really piss me off, in order:
1.     People not saying 'bye' when leaving MSN/Facebook type chat conversations.
2.     The silent treatment.
3.     People not replying to text messages.


My big bitch of this evening will, I do warn you, be mainly about topic #1. This seriously pisses me off so much! It amazes me how angry this little thing makes me, it really does amaze me! I am angered quite easily by the actions of family, but very few times in my life do the actions of my friends turn me into a blonde version of The Incredible Hulk, but not saying 'bye' and then waiting for the reply will have me raging every single time.

Why am I writing about this here you ask? Your answer is three words: Mr Good-Company. He used to be so good at online conversations! They would go for hours, yeah we probably know each other well enough to run out of stuff to say now, but I love a good conversation. Nobody ever talks to me apart from my best friend Anita, my neighbour Alli and occasionally SNAG and I are online at the same time. It's fine with me that Mr Good-Company is tired, I can live with that, but I do really enjoy talking to him (maybe to much). But I really love a good conversation! I am starved of conversation!

Now back to the not saying 'bye' thing. Mr Good-Company used to be really good, saying 'bye' and 'see ya' at the end of each conversation. But now it's becoming a bit infrequent. Now I treat online conversations as you would a phone call, just with time to think up what you're going to say next. I hate it when people hang up on me, it feels as if you're not worth the time it takes to say 'goodbye' or 'night'. I feel the same way about abruptly ending online conversations. It's as if the other participant has slammed the phone down saying 'I just can't be fucked talking to you any more'. It's just plain rude and that hurts. That said, I know I do tend to take things to heart sometimes, but I don't think that this is one of those times. I'm sticking by my reasoning, not saying 'bye' is rude and hurtful to me. Nothings changing that viewpoint.


I hate the silent treatment nearly as much as I do the 'bye' thing. It's only number #2 because it happens less often. I received the silent treatment a hell of a lot when I was growing up. My parents, and then my sibling used it when I was angry. Instead of addressing the reason I was angry I was completely ignored. I think what hurt more than being ignored by my parents was being ignored by my younger brother and sister. Growing up it's supposed to be kids against adults. But being the angels they were (unlike the oh so rebellious me) they did as they were told. 

Being ignored hurts. It's shutting the door in your face. It's saying 'you're not even worth the effort it would take to talk to you'. It frustrates me beyond belief because there is nothing you can do about. You can yell and scream but there's no reaction. So what's the point to it? Useless. Then you can have all the negative follow on thoughts of  'maybe I am worthless', 'what is the point?' and 'Why I do I bother?'. These all lead to submitting. I will say right now to anybody who is reading this: I. Will. NEVER. Give. In! You fuckers out there will never beat me! EVER!


Topic number #3 is more of a pet hate. Sometimes text messages don't actually require a reply. But if I send a message asking a question, I want a reply and I don't mean in two days time. Within 8-12 hours as a maximum acceptable window of reply. The sooner the better. 

Well my rant sort of deflated there. I did't really have much to say about text messages. It was mainly there to give me a decent amount of dot points anyway. But at least I feel better now. I will point out that I accidentally ended up writing a sad story halfway through this post and that really helped me to calm down. I'm not angry any more.

Well there you go people. I hope that was worth tuning in for. I certainly enjoyed it. There's nothing quite like having an international audience to bitch too.It really makes it feel worth it. This is probably the first of many rants if I can keep this blog going. I'll just have to hope that I don't run out of material.

IN BOOMING ANNOUNCER VOICE: We all hope you had a fantastic time here folks! Please come back next time! Good day and good night!

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